Jean Tyan

UROP researcher 2017-2018

Recent publication:

Sotelo, M. I.*, Tyan, J.*, Dzera, J., & Eban-Rothschild, A. (2020).

Sleep and motivated behaviors, from physiology to pathology.

Current Opinion in Physiology, 15, 159–166 (*co-first authors).

Chukwuka Akunne

UROP Researcher 2012-2013

Exciting News: Attending St. George's University School of Medicine

Abbey Hamlin

UROP researcher 2017-2018

Exciting News: Outstanding Research Staff Award for the Psychology Department at U-M.

"UROP helped me to get my start in research and I am very thankful for that opportunity!"

Dr. Maya Barak

UROP researcher 2007-2008

Recent Publication: "Family Separation as State-Corporate Crime"

Carlina Duan, Doctoral Student

UROP Researcher 2012-2013

Doctoral student in U-M's join program in English and Education

Recent Publication: Alien Miss (a collection of poetry)


Brady West, PhD - UROP Mentor

UROP researcher 2001-2002

Recent Publication:

'Sources of Variance in the Accuracy of Interviewer Observations'

A project supported by multiple UROP students was recently published by the top journal Sociological Methods and Research (SMR). The students were acknowledged in the paper and made substantial contributions.

Ryan Shami

UROP researcher 2016-2017

Recent Publication:

"Omega-6 DPA and its 12-lipoxygenase–oxidized lipids regulate platelet reactivity in a nongenomic PPARa-dependent manner"

"This publication was made possible because of the introduction to research given to me by UROP, which also helped develop my critical thinking and reasoning skills necessary to do publishable research. 

As the lead of my own research project, I expanded my knowledge on the background of coagulation. I learned how to ask questions to improve healthcare regarding cardiovascular diseases and how to transform my questions into hypotheses and experiments. After inquiring about the effects of fatty acids on coagulation, I took the initiative to research how various types of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids attenuate blood clots. I administered these fatty acids to mice, via oral gavage, for a month, before surgically assessing their blood reactivity for coagulation. 

Using intravital microscopy, I was able to assess platelet function on the mice that I administered with different omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. After formulating a hypothesis and working on my own research project, I encountered many challenges and learned how beneficial and crucial it is to have patience. Initially, my research was unpromising, and I came to believe that I was just wasting my time. However, after talking to my PI, I came to understand that patience was a virtue of scientific research and I should adjust my hypothesis to be broader. I began to see promising results and producing manuscripts became a promising reality. My research on omega-6 fatty acids and their effect on arterial thrombosis later came to be published."