What UROP Program(s) were you a part of?

Traditional UROP as a Freshman (2015-2016)

Summer - Engineering Summer Research Fellowship/Intel Semiconductor Internship

What made you choose UROP?

I've always been interested in doing research and being on the cutting edge of science. UROP offered me a pathway to achieving my career goals.

What do you think you have learned from your UROP experience?

I learned how to conduct scientific research in cutting edge facilities. I learned how to write scholarly articles and conduct myself in a professional manner.

What is the extent to which you have kept in contact with your Research Mentor?

I still communicate with my mentor a few times a year.

How did your UROP experience shape or inform the next steps you took in your academic and professional journey?

I am currently working in research in the field of my UROP project. My project is the direct reason I have my position now.

Where are you in your professional journey?

I work for Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Research & Development Engineer.

What advice would you give to a current UROP student?

My advice would be to ask questions, and become a proficient member of the research team. Network with your mentor because they can help you with your next career steps. Most importantly, have fun. Science is fun, learning is fun, and experimenting is fun.