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About Us

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) creates research partnerships between undergraduate students and University of Michigan researchers.  All schools and colleges are active participants in UROP, which provides a wealth of interesting research topics for program participants.  UROP started with 14 student/faculty partnerships in 1988, and has expanded to include more than 1300 students and 800 faculty researchers.

For University of Michigan Undergraduate Students

  • For first and second year students a research experience supervised by a research sponsor academic year from September through April. Includes mandatory research seminars and assignments.
  • Summer Research Fellowship programs provide a 10 week, full time independent research experience.
  • There is undergraduate funding support for research supplies, travel support to conduct research or present research at a conference, or presentation of a creative performance.

For University of Michigan Researchers and Community Partners

  • Researchers can receive research support from undergraduate research assistants. UROP pays student wages, provides academic credit options and manages paperwork.
  • Supplementary funding for out of pocket expenses incurred with sponsoring a UROP student(s).