LSA offers more than 85 majors, sub-majors, and other degree programs, as well as more than 100 minors. Majors and minors are facilitated by over 75 academic units and programs that span 41 departments. Use the list below to get more information on majors, minors, and the departments and programs that administer them.

In addition to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science programs listed below, the College offers a Bachelor in General Studies (BGS).

Academic policies governing majorsminors, and supplemental studies can be found in the Degrees and Requirements section of this website.

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Program Name
Actuarial Mathematics (Sub-Major)

Afroamerican and African Studies (Major)

Afroamerican and African Studies (Minor)

American Culture (Major)

American Culture (Minor)

Anthropology (Major)

Anthropology (Minor)

Arab and Muslim American Studies (Minor)

Arabic Studies (Minor)

Archaeology (Sub-Major)

Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (Major)

Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean (Minor)

Art & Design (Minor)

Arts & Ideas in the Humanities (Major)

Asian Languages and Cultures (Minor)

Asian Studies (Major)

Asian Studies (Minor)

Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies (Minor)

Astronomy and Astrophysics (Major)

Astronomy and Astrophysics (Minor)

Biochemistry (Minor)

Biochemistry [B.S.] (Major)

Biological Anthropology (Minor)

Biological Physics Track (Sub-Major)

Biology (Major)

Biology (Minor)

Biology, Health, and Society (Major)

Biomolecular Science [A.B. or B.S.] (Major)

Biophysics (Minor)

Biophysics (B.S.) (Major)

Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN) (Major)

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Literature and Culture (Minor)

Business (Minor)

Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science (Major)

Chemical Measurement Science (Minor)

Chemical Physics (Minor)

Chemistry (Major)

Chemistry (Minor)

Chemistry (BS Chem) (Major)

Classical Civilization (Major)

Classical Civilization (Minor)

Classical Languages (Minor)

Classical Languages and Literatures (Major)

Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering (Minor)

Cognitive Science (Major)

Communication and Media (Major)

Community Action and Social Change (Minor)

Comparative Culture & Identity (CCI) (Sub-Major)

Comparative Literature (Major)

Complex Systems (Minor)

Computer Science (Major)

Computer Science (Minor)

Computing for Expression (Minor)

Computing for Scientific Discovery (Minor)

Creative Writing (Minor)

Creative Writing and Literature (Major)

Crime and Justice (Minor)

Culture and Media (Sub-Major)

Cultures and Literatures of Eastern Europe (Minor)

Czech Language, Literature, and Culture (Minor)

Dance (Minor)

Data Science (Major)

Data Science (Minor)

Digital Studies (Minor)

Disability Studies (Minor)

Drama (Major)

Drama (Minor)

Dutch Language and Culture (Minor)

Earth and Environmental Sciences (Major)

Earth Sciences (Minor)

East European and Eurasian Studies (Minor)

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) (Minor)

Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity (EEB) (Major)

Economics (Major)

Economics (Minor)

Education for Empowerment (Minor)

Electrical Engineering (Minor)

Energy Science and Policy Minor (Minor)

English (Major)

English (Minor)

Entrepreneurship (Minor)

Environment (Major)

Environment (Minor)

Environment and Conservation (Sub-Major)

Environmental Geology (Minor)

Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (Minor)

Ethnic Studies (Sub-Major)

Film, Television, and Media (Major)

Food and the Environment (Minor)

French and Francophone Studies (Major)

French and Francophone Studies (Minor)

Gender and Health (Major)

Gender and Health (Minor)

Gender, Race, and Nation (Minor)

General Studies (Major)

Geology (Minor)

Geospatial Science (Minor)

German (Major)

German Studies (Minor)

Global Environment & Health (GEH) (Sub-Major)

Global History (Minor)

Global Media Studies (Minor)

Global Theatre and Ethnic Studies (Minor)

Greek (Ancient) Language and Literature (Major)

Greek (Modern) Language and Culture (Major)

Greek (Modern) Language and Culture (Minor)

History (Major)

History (Minor)

History of Art (Major)

History of Art (Minor)

History of Law and Policy (Minor)

History of Medicine and Health (Minor)

History of Philosophy (Minor)

Honors Mathematics (Sub-Major)

Human Origins, Biology, and Behavior (Major)

Interdisciplinary Astronomy (Minor)

Interdisciplinary Astronomy (B.A. or B.S.) (Major)

Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences (ICS) [A.B. or B.S.] (Major)

Interdisciplinary Physics (A.B. or B.S.) (Major)

Intergroup Relations Education (Minor)

International Security, Norms & Cooperation (ISNC) (Sub-Major)

International Studies (Major)

International Studies (Minor)

Islamic Studies (Minor)

Italian (Major)

Italian (Minor)

Judaic Studies (Major)

Judaic Studies (Minor)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Major)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Minor)

Latin Language and Literature (Major)

Latina/Latino Studies (Major)

Latina/o Studies (Minor)

Law, Justice, and Social Change (Minor)

Law, Justice, and Social Change (Sub-Major)

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Sexuality Studies (Minor)

Linguistics (Major)

Linguistics (Minor)

Mathematical Sciences (Sub-Major)

Mathematics (Major)

Mathematics (Minor)

Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management (Sub-Major)

Medical Anthropology (Minor)

Medical Anthropology (Sub-Major)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Minor)

Microbiology (Major)

Middle East Studies (Major)

Middle East Studies (Minor)

Middle Eastern and North African Studies (Major)

Mind and Meaning (Minor)

Modern European Studies (Minor)

Modern Middle Eastern and North African Studies (Minor)

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (Major)

Moral and Political Philosophy (Minor)

Multidisciplinary Design (Minor)

Museum Studies (Minor)

Music (Minor)

Native American Studies (Minor)

Neuroscience (Major)

Oceanography (Minor)

Organizational Studies (Major)

Paleontology (Minor)

Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (Minor)

Philosophy (Major)

Philosophy (Minor)

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Major)

Physics (Major)

Physics (Minor)

Plant Biology (Major)

Plant Biology (Minor)

Playwriting (Minor)

Polish (Major)

Polish Language, Literature and Culture (Minor)

Political Economy & Development (PED) (Sub-Major)

Political Science (Major)

Political Science (Minor)

Politics, Law, and Economy (Sub-Major)

Polymer Chemistry (Minor)

Portuguese (Minor)

Power, Identity, and Inequality (Sub-Major)

Psychology (Major)

Public Policy (Minor)

Pure Mathematics (Sub-Major)

Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (Minor)

Religion (Minor)

Romance Languages and Literatures (Major)

Russian (Major)

Russian Language, Literature, and Culture (Minor)

Russian Studies (Minor)

Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (Major)

Scandinavian Studies (Minor)

Science, Technology, and Society (STS) (Minor)

Screenwriting (Sub-Major)

Secondary Mathematics Teaching Certificate (Sub-Major)

Social Class and Inequality Studies (Minor)

Social Media Analysis and Design (Minor)

Social Theory and Practice (Major)

Sociology (Major)

Sociology and Social Work (Sub-Major)

Sociology of Health & Medicine (Sub-Major)

Sociology of Health and Medicine (Minor)

Spanish (Major)

Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture (Minor)

Statistics (Major)

Statistics (Minor)

Structural Biology Track (Sub-Major)

Sustainability (Minor)

Theatre Design and Production (Minor)

Translation Studies (Minor)

Ukrainian Language, Literature, and Culture (Minor)

Urban Studies (Minor)

User Experience Design (Minor)

Water and the Environment (Minor)

Women's and Gender Studies (Major)

Writing (Minor)

Yiddish Studies (Minor)