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      1. UROP Associate Director Catalina Ormsby Receives Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award
      2. UROP Welcomes New Director: Dr. Michelle Ferrez
      3. Thirty Years of UROP: Explore More
      4. 30th Anniversary of UROP Program
      5. A two-way street: UROP Peer Facilitators support first-year, second-year, and transfer students in their research and academics — and learn from them in the process
      6. UROP adapts to COVID crisis
      7. Corey J. Schiffman, MD
      8. Brent Frey, DDS
      9. Jane Brown, PhD Candidate
      10. Yaera Spraggins, Recently Published UROP Alumni
      11. Scott Koenigbauer, PhD Candidate
      12. Olivia Negris, Doctoral Candidate
      13. Michael DiDonato, UROP Alumni
      14. Vivian Kurtz UROP Alumni
      15. Geoffrey Jenkins, UROP Alumni
      16. Rhonda Fields, MSW - UROP Alumni
      17. Trey Thomas UROP Alumni
      18. Elizabeth Schill UROP Alumni
      19. Ryan Shami UROP Alumni
      20. Melissa Manley, PhD Candidate
      21. Tejash Patel, PhD
      22. Hayley Hoffman UROP Alumni
      23. GradeCraft helps UROP students become more curious and better researchers
      24. Lamira Ray, MPH
      25. Joshua Hurlburt, DDS
      26. Megan Wampler - UROP Alumni
      27. UROP Student Spotlight - Yasmeen Berry
      28. Celina Romano, JD, PhD Candidate
      29. Mikel Haggadone, PhD Candidate
      30. Colby Hanley, UROP Alumni
      31. Ian Waters, PhD
      32. Yannah Melle UROP Alumni
      33. Nida Ali, MPH
      34. Julia Wang, MD-PhD
      35. Ryan McWay, Research Area Specialist Associate
      36. Aracely Marroquin, CCSFP Researcher Awarded Grant
      37. Undergraduate student research spring symposium goes virtual
      38. Shannon Shaughnessy UROP Alumni
      39. Asa Smith, PhD, RN
      40. Lisa Barrett, PhD
      41. Kartik Bhatt, MPH
      42. Sari Grossman UROP Alumni
      43. Erin Ealba Bumann, DDS, PhD, MS
      44. Michael Marzano, UROP Alumni
      45. Connie Truong, MD
      46. Dan Hearsch, MBA
      47. Alexis Mulski, PhD Candidate
      48. Kristin Fischer, MPH
      49. Sujay Shetty, UROP Alumni
      50. Shao Wei Chia - UROP Alumni
      51. Courtney Whitcher, BS
      52. Arjune Dhanekula, MD
      53. Thomas Talhelm, PhD
      54. Gretchen Chidester, PhD
      55. Smita Bhattacharya, MS
      56. Sydney Foy - UROP Alumni
      57. Dr. Peter Scott - Alzheimer's Research
      58. Dr. Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes Research Project Feature
      59. Dr. Teresa Satterfield Research Project Feature
      60. Dr. Lindsay Bornheimer Research Project Feature
      61. Dr. Lisa Wexler Research Project Feature
      62. Dream of Detroit UROP Community Partner
      63. Rodrigo Ramirez Lescano, Masters Candidate
      64. Community Development Advocates of Detroit - UROP Community Partner
      65. Detroit Food Academy - UROP Community Partner
      66. Dr. Stephanie H. Cook Research Project Feature
      67. Josh Katzenstein - UROP Alumni
      68. Dr. Bethany Hughes Research Project Feature
      69. Dr. Lorenzo García-Amaya Research Project Feature
      70. Andrea Pesch, PhD Candidate
      71. Cindy A. Schipani, JD Research Project Feature
      72. UROP Research Project Feature: Human Rights and Indigenous Rights in Africa
      73. Nortown Community Development Corporation - UROP Community Partner
      74. Cyrus Najarian, MD/PhD Candidate
      75. UROP Featured Alumni Maggi Li
      76. Dr. Mehboob Hussain - Research Project Feature
      77. Research Project Feature: TrialNet Type 1 Diabetes: Pathway to Prevention
      78. Dr. Nikhil Parekh - Research Project Feature
      79. Vincent Pinti - Neubacher Award Winner
      80. UROP Alumni John Soukar, PhD Student
      81. UROP Alumni Hannah Levy
      82. UROP Alumni Collin Beavan
      83. UROP Alumni Julie Felberg
      84. UROP Featured Alumni Austin Basley
      85. Emily Guo - Community Health Fellow
      86. Harsh Jhaveri, BSE
      87. Dr. Kathryn Swanson, DDS
      88. UROP Featured Alumni Michael Falbo
      89. Allyson Eastman, JD
      90. UROP Alumni Aida Mandić
      91. UROP Alumni Accolades
      92. Brooke Bacigal, MSt Diplomatic Studies
      93. Research Mentor Feature: Dr. Alvaro Rojas-Peña
      94. Research Feature: Andre Monteiro Da Rocha, PhD
      95. Research Feature: Nancy Harmon R.D.H.
      96. Research Feature: Mothering Justice
      97. UROP Research Feature: Kimberley Heinrich, Ph.D.
      98. Research Feature, Audrey G. Bennett MFA
      99. UROP Alumni Justin Gordon
      100. UROP Alumni Emily Yerington, MAT; MEd
      101. UROP Alumni Maya Millette
      102. UROP Alumni Jacob Blanksvard
      103. UROP Alumni Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig
      104. UROP Alumni Andrew Arche
      105. UROP Alumni Savannah Jelneck
      106. Congratulations Virgil Watkins
      107. Congratulations Emmanuel Orozco Castellanos
      108. Congratulations to Solomon Trice and his mentor Professor John Valadez.
      109. Congratulations to Associate Professor William A. Calvo-Quirós on receiving the Best First Book in the History of Religions for his book Undocumented Saints: The Politics of Migrating Devotions
      110. Empowering young academics: U-M program humanizes research
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    3. Lessons from virtual summer fellowship in Detroit linger for students
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