UROP Mentor

Dr. Peter Scott

UROP Research Team

Kevin Cheng and Hailey Gross (2020-2021)

What is your research project?

Radiochemistry and Positron Emission Tomography Imaging

What are the goals of your research project?

Develop PET imaging agents enable early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and monitoring of patient response to experimental therapeutics

Why is this research important?

PET imaging allows early identification of Alzheimer's disease (AD), differentiation from other dementias, confirmation of patient eligibility for AD clinical trials and monitoring of patient response to experimental AD therapeutics

What drives you to conduct this research?

I have lost loved ones to dementias that still cannot be accurately diagnosed and effectively treated. Our research hopes to develop non-invasive imaging agents that can help society combat neurodegenerative disorder like Alzheimer's disease.

Is there a Call to Action you would like to encourage?


What resources would you recommend to learn more about your research topic?