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Graham Atkin
Intermittent Lecturer, Co-Director Shakespeare in the Arb, & Drama Program
Catherine Badgley
Director, Residential College; Professor and Head, Science, Technology and Society Program
1724 East Quad 734-647-4366
Elissa Bell Bayraktar
Lecturer and Head, Arts & Ideas in the Humanities; French
Audrey Becker
Lecturer, First Year Seminar; Drama Major Advisor
Paula Berwanger
Lecturer, American Sign Language
1612 East Quad 734.615.3695
Darcy Brandel
Lecturer, Semester in Detroit, Creative Writing & Literature, and First Year Seminar Programs
Theresa Braunschneider
RC Lecturer III and First-Year Writing Seminar Program Head; Adjunct lecturer, School of Education
Catherine Brown
Associate Professor, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities
812 East Washington Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1275
Mark Burde
Lecturer, French, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, First Year Writing Seminar
David Burkam
Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice
Dominique Butler-Borruat
Teaching Professor and Head of the RC French Program
Sueann Caulfield
Professor, Social Theory and Practice, and History
Sascha Crasnow
Lecturer, Islamic Arts and Culture in the Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program; Affiliate Faculty in Arab and Muslim American Studies and Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Susan Crowell
Professor, Ceramics; RC Art Gallery Exhibit Coordinator
Angela D. Dillard
Professor, Social Theory and Practice, Richard A. Meisler Collegiate Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, and History
Herbert Eagle
Professor, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program
1518 East Quad 734.647.4426
Hannah Ensor
Lecturer, Creative Writing and Literature, First Year Seminar
Katri Ervamaa
Program Head, Lecturer, Music
Jeffrey E. Evans
Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Instructor, RC Social Theory and Practice Program
Karein Goertz
Teaching Professor and Program Head, German; Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program; First Year Writing Seminar
Elizabeth Goodenough
Lecturer, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program
Deborah Gordon-Gurfinkel
Lecturer, Founder and Director, Telling It
East Quad Room 1801 734.649.3118
Michael Gould
Professor, Music; Director, Center for World Performance Studies
Carol Gray
Co-Director, Shakespeare in the Arb
Janet Hegman Shier
Lecturer Emerita, Former Head, German Program, Academic Advisor
Jake Hooker
Program Head: Residential College Drama
Xiaodong Hottmann-Wei
Lecturer, Music Department
Laura Kasischke
Theodore Roethke Distinguished University Professor of English Language and Literature, RC Creative Writing and Literature Program
Leila Kawar
Associate Professor, Social Theory and Practice
1516 East Quad 734-647-4351
Bob King
Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice
1615 East Quad 734.615.1466
Nora Krinitsky
Lecturer, Residential College First Year Seminar Program; Director, Prison Creative Arts Project Project (PCAP); Director, University of Michigan Carceral State Project
B807 East Quad 734-763-1860
Naki Sung Kripfgans
Intermittent Lecturer, RC Music Program
Olga López-Cotín
Lecturer and Head, Spanish Program
Ashley Lucas
Professor of Theatre & Drama and the Residential College, Prison Creative Arts Project, Carceral State Project
Alina Makin
Lecturer and Head, Russian Program
Christopher Matthews
Lecturer, Creative Writing
B526 East Quad 734.615.0937
Sarah Messer
Lecturer, Creative Writing and Literature Program
Toby Millman
Lecturer, Drawing and Printmaking
B506 East Quad 734.763.0883
Virginia Murphy
Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice Program; Faculty Director, East Quad Garden
Tomoko Okuno
Lecturer and Head, Japanese Program
Becca Pickus
Social Theory & Practice Major Advisor; General Academic Advisor; Living/Learning Issues; Mental Health Referrals
B817 East Quad 734-647-4348
Craig Regester
Lecturer and Associate Director, Semester in Detroit
UM Detroit Center/Semester in Detroit 3663 Woodward Ave., Ste. 150 Detroit, MI 48201 313.505.5185
Ian Robinson
Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice Program
Mabel Rodriguez
Lecturer, Spanish Program, Social Theory and Practice; Coordinator Intensive Spanish II
Teresa Sanchez-Snell
Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice, and Spanish Language Internship Program Coordinator
Laura Thomas
Lecturer and Program Head, Creative Writing and Literature, Academic Advisor
Heather Ann Thompson
Collegiate Professor of History and African American Studies in the History, Afroamerican and African Studies Departments and in the Residential College Social Theory and Practice Program
Stephen Ward
Associate Director for RC Faculty; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Associate Professor, Semester in Detroit, Social Theory and Practice Program; Advisor, Urban Studies minor; Faculty Director, Semester in Detroit
Jon Wells
Professor, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities Program; Professor, Afroamerican and African Studies; Professor, History
B514 East Quad
Raymond Wetzel
Lecturer, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, Visual Arts
B506 East Quad 734.763.0883
Isaac Wingfield
Visual Arts Program Head, Lecturer, Photography
Michael Zhai
Lecturer, First Year Seminar