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RC Student Blog

RC second-year student Nicholas Antony Shares His Quarantine Story

A Computer Science major and Spanish minor, Nicholas speaks on what he learned after taking a year off and how it feels to return to East Quad for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

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RC rising second-year PinYi Lee: A Piece of the RC in Taiwan

Being in the RC her first year 7,500 miles away from Ann Arbor: "During this past year, I have felt more a part of Michigan and a sense of normalcy in my RC classes than my larger, LSA classes. The RC truly is a student-first program and this year has shown just that. I could not think of a better way to acclimate to an entirely new environment without setting foot in the state."

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Elizabeth Schriner, RC third-year, Sociology & Creative Writing: Should I Pursue an RC Major or an LSA Major?

"Pursuing an RC major is an enriching, enjoyable experience; however, RC students are by no means limited to the RC. Whether it be an LSA major or an RC major, my advice to you would be selecting a major that balances financial viability with your personal preferences and interests."

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Laila Krugman, RC First Year, undecided: "One of the RC’s Hidden Gems: PCAP" 

"PCAP is a program unlike anything I have ever experienced and it has a plethora of different ways to get involved. With only my few semesters in the Residential College, I have found a home and a purpose in the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) which has not only allowed me to learn about the intricacies of the Michigan prison system, but has helped me find my passion in prison reform as well as allowing me to continue my love for theatre."

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Cielle Waters-Umfleet, RC third year, Creative Writing Major & Spanish Minor: "Do RCers ever leave East Quad?"

"Full disclosure: The RC is spectacular. Two years of guaranteed housing in the nicest dorm on campus, class just a couple flights downstairs, gourmet dining hall lunch with your instructors, and an in-house theatre, library, ceramics room, music and dance studio, garden, darkroom, and art gallery. With all that, the question on many prospective students’ minds RCers ever leave? I’m here to tell you that yes, we do, and it’s well worth it. Here are my tips on how to feel connected to campus and get involved outside of the RC."

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Taranbir Kaur, Spanish and Social Theory & Practice double major, with a minor in Food and the Environment: 5 Ways RC Instructors Support Their Students!

"From the RC Parents & Family Reception to art exhibit openings, to plays and discussions, you can often find your RC Instructors avidly participating alongside students. This also gives students a chance to talk to their instructors in an informal setting. " Read full article here.

Hayden Dahlvik-Graves, Romance Languages and International Studies double major: Three Ways the RC Changes Your Perception of Education

"RC classes structure is far from traditional. And the format of class strays away from tradition as well. The RC puts a larger emphasis on class discussion than many other classes at the University of Michigan. While typical LSA lectures run with discussion sections, RC classes are almost entirely discussion based, meaning your voice is a critical part of your and your classmates' learning experience."

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Lauren Rainey, Law, Justice, and Social Change major: "What I have found is that RC students seem to share a common support for one another. They support each other's art, attend each other's performances, and work together on projects outside of the classroom that promote social justice. As a result, I have found that the RC is a place for all who truly want to be here." 

Read her full blog post, The "vibe" of the RC

Brandon Bond, Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience, and International Studies double major: "Despite all the challenges that come with studying abroad, it is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made." 

Read his full blog post, Oh, the Places You'll Go as an RC Student!


Tarabir Kaur, Spanish and Social Theory and Practice double major: "Through RC Intensive Spanish, however, I learned so much more than just the language. I learned about different cultures, different issues, and how I can make a change with my new language skills." 

Read her full blog post, "I have no idea what I want to do in life, how am I supposed to choose a major?!"

Hayden Dahlvik-Graves, Romance Languages and International Studies double major: "Ultimately, getting away from the dorms is a great way to make sure you get work done because it creates an incentive: leaving and going home!" 

Read his full blog post, The best places to study and spend free time in Ann Arbor

Holly Price, Creative Writing and Literature major: "Learning a language is harder when you have no interest in it, and it’s supposed to be FUN – what other subject can you read about what you want, write in an entirely new system the majority of your peers don’t know, watch Netflix and still be learning, listen to new music that you can understand, and talk to millions of new people?" 

Read her full blog post, "What language should I learn?"

Spencer Hsieh, History major: "In reality, RC faculty are just how they are described on websites and other materials: they are friendly, caring, devoted to their students, extremely knowledgeable, and hold strong academic authority over their subject areas." 

Read his full blog post, How RC faculty turned one of my most absent-minded decisions into one of my best

Centraya Forbes, Psychology major: "The University of Michigan and the Residential College offer many opportunities to get involved on campus and find your place and community! No matter where you’re from, your background, your interest, or who you choose to associate yourself and interact with, there are clubs and organizations for you!" 

Read her full blog post, Getting involved on campus

Ethan VanValkenburg, Environment and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity double major: "We arrived in the Mojave Desert two weeks prior in the first week of May, driving west from Ann Arbor, across the great plains, the Great Basin, and through Las Vegas. When we reached Nevada, we were greeted by rows of mountains—north south trending ranges separated by series of parallel basins. We continued across the mountain ranges towards Red Rock State Park in the Mojave Desert of California."

Read his full blog post, Stepping Back in the Mojave Desert