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Why choose the RC?


"Overall, my experience in the Residential College has been one of the best parts of my undergraduate career.

Coming into university, I would say I was pretty shy and withdrawn, but being a part of the RC community helped me break out of that. I was able to find support from plenty of the RC’s faculty members, and not only was I encouraged to share my thoughts and perspectives inside the classroom, I also found plenty of opportunities to get involved and find my niche outside of classes as well. On a campus as big as ours, I was afraid of getting lost in the sea of tens of thousands of students, but the RC shrunk that down for me and gave me a place where I could feel comfortable and challenged at the same time."

        - Briana Akani, RC 2016, Psychology major, Community Action and Social Change minor and Afroamerican and African Studies minor

"The RC is fun, fun, fun. But it is more than fun. It's a fantastic new experience and there is so much to soak up here.

I have met people from all over the country and world, learned so much, and it's never the same here in the RC. I live with a bunch of quirky kids, and I love it!

The RC Intensive Language program is just as it sounds. I took Spanish for four years previously, and I am not only getting a great review of what I've learned, I am learning more, and I feel more confident in my ability to comprehend the language."

        - Charles Cohen, RC 2015

"The interdisciplinary approach was what drew me to the RC. Nowhere else at U of M could I dive into the psychology of creative minds like Picasso and Van Gogh, analyze multiple facets of urban planning in Latin American cities all while speaking and writing in Spanish, or familiarize myself with Afro-Cuban culture and history through the learning and playing of traditional drumming songs.

The college within a big university concept made the RC a great home-base as an out-of-state student.  I had all the perks of the large university -- big lectures, sports, clubs, etc. -- but also had the instant comfort of small courses, one-on-one interaction with professors, and a built-in community of friends in the RC.

I am so thankful for the Spanish language immersion I had in the RC. I'm putting it to great use every day in my job at UCSD -- whether it's advising students, corresponding with visiting scholars and guest lecturers via phone and email, or setting up institutional partnerships with Latin American Universities."

        - Erin Burgoon, RC 2006, Honors Psychology