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What RC Students Are Saying

“Mentorship is something that's been really important to me in my personal and academic life. And I am so grateful for the opportunities the RC has given me to experience mentorship, including the RC Alumni Mentorship Program, which is virtual this year. With smaller class sizes and the close knit community of the RC I find that it’s easier to make closer connections with my professors.”

---Madison Krumins, class of 2022

“There’s a lot of things in the RC that I’m doing that I probably never would have done or heard about if I wasn’t in the RC. I’m so glad I’m doing them now, like the Prison Creative Arts Project, which I love so much. The RC opens you up to more things, plus everywhere LSA already has.”

---Laila Krugman, class of 2024

“Never could I have imagined how important the RC would become when I first checked the box on my U-M application. Even in a year rocked by the pandemic, the community of the RC has been there for me in so many ways. In March 2020, my world, like so many others, was thrown into chaos, and I remember distinctly my professors reached out first, checking on me, asking how they could help. My friends in the RC offered to give of themselves to support me as well. This isn’t rare. The RC is full of people like this, focused not just on helping each other but improving their world.”

---Dominic Coletti, class of 2023

“I love the community. Whether it’s the professors, faculty members, or your fellow students, everyone is here to support you. I’ve made some of the best friends I could ask for in the community, and I’m so grateful that everyday I get to be a part of it.”

---Aarushi Ganguly, class of 2024

“I think my RC classes compliments my STEM classes. Last semester, my seminar was about the social implications of health, and in my bio class we were talking about vaccines. So I was able to think about what communities in our society are going to be disportionately affected by the distribution of the vaccine. Through RC classes I’m able to extend my knowledge learned in my STEM classes.”

---PinYi Lee, class of 2024

"I have grown as a Spanish speaker, but also as a citizen of the global community. To me, that is the purpose of being in the RC: to maximize our learning potential, and then to go out into the world and use that knowledge to effect positive change in our communities."

- Michael Russo, RC class of 2020

"Being a student in the RC means being a part of a friendly, close-knit community that encourage students to grow as a well-rounded student and leader."

- Jaylen Bradley, RC class of 2021

"As a Neuroscience student, the RC has given me a way to integrate science and social justice through the Science, Technology, and Society minor."

- Maeve Pascoe, RC class of 2018

"I credit the RC’s roots in social activism and engagement for supporting and challenging me as an academic pursuing environmental justice work. From French readings to Afro-Cuban drumming, and everything in between, I’ve learned to honor the power of knowledge and to seek new experiences whenever possible."

- Camilla Lizundia, RC class of 2020

"I think it’s really cool that the RC brings together such a diverse group of people in different disciplines, all connected by their creative energy, their desire to learn from and educate peers, and their motivation to make the world around them a better place."

- Will Arnuk, RC class of 2018

"The people at the RC are ready to help me with whatever I need and I'm so thankful for the support network! Whether I've been out on the field marching for band, in a meeting for my sorority, or facilitating a workshop in prison, it always feels great to go back home to the RC!"

- Kym Leggett, RC class of 2019