Happy Giving Blueday!

There are two ways you can support LSA students who are pursuing critical career exploration experiences:

LSA Internship Fund
The LSA Opportunity Hub Student Internship Fund provides students who demonstrate need with up to $5,000 in funding to cover the cost of participating in a career-related internships in the U.S. and abroad. The scholarship makes it possible for students to choose opportunities that match their interests and goals, without concern for how much the internship pays. Many of these internships are alumni-hosted and provide LSA students access to incredible, career-launching opportunities.

LSA Opportunity Hub Flash Internships
Flash Internships are fast-paced, three- to five-day experiences that provide students a chance to work and network with top industry professionals. Past experiences have been hosted by U-M alumni and leaders at organizations like Pinterest, NBC Sports, Google, and Netflix. As a donor, you play a crucial role in ensuring students have access to these career-shaping opportunities at no cost.

These essential opportunities distinguish LSA students in high-profile industries and inform their path professionally and personally, which makes removing the barrier of cost so important. As a donor, you make that possible.

Thank you and Go Blue!