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About Us

As our name conveys, what we truly provide for students is opportunity. 

The opportunity to gain new perspectives on their coursework through new avenues of experience. The opportunity to demonstrate to world-class employers the skills and acumen that liberal arts students have to offer—and for students to see that for themselves. The opportunity for our undergraduates to envision the paths before them and look to life after graduation not as a cause of anxiety, but as a source of boundless enthusiasm. We seek to empower our students to embrace their liberal arts education, and to help them be thoughtful and proactive about what they learn inside and outside of the classroom. Most of all, we seek to help them discover how that learning relates to their broader goals as students and individuals.


Our efforts are built upon the following four cornerstones:

We aim to give LSA students real-life knowledge by connecting them with valuable internship experiences. Our growing LSA Opportunity Network centers on connecting students with employers offering internships specifically geared toward the liberal arts skill set. Students are offered the opportunity to gain international work experience through LSA Global Opportunities. We are committed to providing students with the support they need to pursue these experiences and get the most out of them.

With our campus partners, we strive to host employers who can share information about internships and career opportunities. This includes representatives from Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, leading nonprofits, media outlets, and more.

We offer strategically developed Applied Liberal Arts courses based on internships, presentation skills, professional writing, business basics, and working in diverse organizations. These courses ensure that our students are prepared to succeed beyond campus no matter the challenges and complexities they face.

LSA alumni can be found across the United States and around the world, and we value their contributions as coaches and mentors. Students can not only benefit from their insight, but also discover the myriad and often surprising ways our alumni have leveraged their liberal arts educations in their lives and careers.