LSA Computer Science - 2024

Meet Anthony Castelucci, a Computer Science major from Niles, Michigan. In this video, Anthony shares his incredible journey of growth and hard-earned success at LSA by first reflecting on the challenges he faced as a student from a small town, and navigating imposter syndrome and academic uncertainties. However, with the support of the LSA Opportunity Hub, Anthony found the support he needed to excel and thrive during his internship.

Discover how the Opportunity Hub provided Anthony with the financial support that made his dream internship possible through the LSA Internship Scholarship, which covered his summer housing costs during his time in San Francisco. In addition, Anthony speaks to his experience taking ALA 225, one of the Hub’s career reflection courses. This provided the training and tools to help him consider what he wanted to achieve through his internship experience, how he could form professional connections with his colleagues, and how to articulate his work experience in interviews and applications.

Anthony recounts his transformative experience at Nvidia, where he worked on impactful projects involving machine learning frameworks. The support he received from the Hub's resources empowered him to secure a full-time job offer almost a year before graduation.

Anthony’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of the Opportunity Hub, showcasing how it can empower students to overcome challenges and land exciting career opportunities. Watch the video to be inspired by Anthony's journey of resilience and learn how the Hub can support you in your internship journey. 

Explore the resources Anthony used to make his internship experience financially possible and to secure meaningful job opportunities before graduating: