Alumni Connections bring alumni and students together for career conversations that are authentic and personal — even when students are away from campus. We’ve hosted virtual sessions for a while now, facilitating student conversations with LSA alums across the continental US and the broader world in destinations like L.A., London, and Madrid. The value of virtual Alumni Connections is that you can log in from wherever you’re based

These sessions are designed to give students a place to explore their interests and get first-hand knowledge directly from professionals in the working world. The conversations typically circulate around these themes:

  • How did your liberal arts degree support your career growth? 
  • What opportunities did you leverage during your time as an LSA student or early on in your career that made a long-term impact?
  • What are all the career possibilities out there for my major?How did you pivot into different roles and industries?
  • How do I break into a specific industry, or learn how to make connections with professionals in that field? 
  • How do I find and secure real career opportunities?

Find out below who we’ve lined up for the last two Alumni Connections of the school year and RSVP below in the LSA Opportunity Network to receive an email with details on how to join the conversation virtually.

April Virtual Alumni Connections

H&M Senior Business Controller, Elliot Faulk

Thursday, April 2 | 11 a.m.— 12 P.M. | RSVP

For recent LSA grad Elliot Faulk, breaking into the world of international commercial business was just one of the things he was certain about upon graduating with an International Studies major. After landing a job with Macy’s NYC corporate office in international product sourcing, Elliot switched gears and moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work with international retail giant, H&M, on their business operations. 

Tune in to learn the realities of relocating and working abroad; the ins and outs of product development and business planning in the global retail industry; and how the retail world is constantly evolving.

Founder and Managing Partner of Oak Moon Consulting and Venture Capitalist, Brian Laliberte

Friday, April 3 | 12:30 a.m.— 1:30 p.m.| RSVP

LSA alum are consistently putting their ingenuity to work; after two decades as a trial lawyer and litigator, Brian Laliberte decided to establish his own consultant group, Oak Moon Consulting, to help businesses navigate volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous economic circumstances. He also is the founder and managing partner of Oak Moon Ventures, which provides seed funding to early stage technology companies. 

Brian is eager to speak with students on how they can best use their LSA degrees to pivot to different roles and industries throughout their career; how he leveraged his legal expertise in his current leadership roles; and how his academic interests in political science and communications and media set a foundation for his career choices.