The Hub’s annual internship fair is back for another year offering students an online venue to explore and network their way into career-furthering opportunities. 

Next month, the Internship Fair will be hosted virtually using the platform Career Fair Plus on Tuesday, February 15th, from 12:00 - 4:00 pm, with Hub employers present to showcase active internship opportunities for spring and summer of 2022. RSVP here before spots fill up.

What makes this year’s fair unique? 

Hub Internship Coordinator Megan Downey emphasizes the advantages of the virtual format for students, stressing the 1:1 time students are able to spend with employers in Zoom rooms. 

“Students get a much longer conversation with employers at our virtual-only LSA Internship Fair,” Megan shares. “At an in-person career fair, you get about five minutes of a recruiter’s time. It’s imperative that students utilize and maximize that 10 minutes by preparing their elevator pitch, asking great questions, and by having their résumé ready.” 

Students will have the opportunity to connect with a variety of employers at the fair—including AmeriCorps, City Year, Downtown Boxing Gym, Forbes House Museum, Global U, and Safe House—which will offer students an array of perspectives to learn from, as well as internship positions.

Megan notes that not only do students have more 1:1 time with individual employers, but they also have an opportunity to connect with a wider variety of companies.

“Because you have plenty of opportunity to talk to so many employers, student attendees ultimately get that in-person feel,” Megan explains. “Know who’s going to be there, and utilize Career Fair Plus to set up connections with as many of the employers as you’re interested in before the event.”


What can you gain from attending? 

The 2022 LSA Internship Fair is designed to answer foundational questions like: “How do I get an internship?”, “How do I maximize my internship experience?” and, “How do I leverage my recent work experience towards next steps in my academic and career journey?” 

All LSA students are encouraged to attend. For any LSA student considering an internship this summer or in the future, the LSA Internship Fair is an opportunity to network with key Hub employers.

“Students will be meeting with employers who champion the LSA degree,” Megan explains. “They're also only going to meet employers with active opportunities for 2022. So you’re making connections with individuals and organizations who not only value and understand their degree, but are also excited to recruit them for their opportunities.” 

For students at any stage of their professional journey—whether it’s a final chance to gain work experience before graduating, an alternative to a study abroad opportunity, or an effort towards early career exploration during your first year—the LSA Internship Fair has something to offer. Connect directly with employers eager to hire LSA students, and understand how your liberal arts education can work for you in any setting.

How can you prepare?

Although Megan notes the benefit of more dedicated 1:1 time between students and employers, she stresses the importance of coming prepared for those 10 minute connections, identifying Hub resources as a key way for students to do so. 

“For each individual employer, students should strive for a unique conversation,” Megan affirms. “And they can come prepared to do that by preparing beforehand through scheduled sessions with the Hub’s coaches, and by trying out the Hub’s suite of career learning tools.”

Students can begin by using the interactive platform Career Fair Plus to create a custom profile and showcase their abilities, experiences, and skills. During the event, they will use the platform to connect directly with employers via individual or group video calls, simultaneously networking and expanding their internship knowledge. Click here to learn more about Career Fair Plus and to start preparing your profile.

Whatever students are looking to get out of the 2022 LSA Internship Fair, Hub coaches will also be there to provide career support and help identify your next steps.

To ensure that students are getting the most out of the experience, we've summarized ways to prepare below:

  1. Make a plan. Students should know which employers are attending the fair, and then identify which companies they want to connect with and why. Once a networking plan has been outlined, students can use Career Fair Plus to sign up for time slots with individual employers. 

  2. Prepare materials. Students should come to the fair ready to showcase themselves. In addition to an elevator pitch, this is centrally done by sharing resumes. Prior to the event students should update their resume to reflect their most current and relevant experiences, support for which can be found on the Hub’s Canvas e-Learning site. 1:1 coaching appointments can also provide students support with this. 

  3. Practice an elevator pitch. For a 10-minute connection with an employer, an elevator pitch is key. Make a 45 minute appointment with a Hub coach or stop by coaching drop-ins to get 1:1 personalized support in preparing your story. 

  4. Be ready to engage. Come in confident, prepared, and eager. By practicing with Hub coaches, preparing questions for employers you’re interested in, and focusing on your personal goals, you can explore a world of opportunities for your 2022 summer.


When is the event?

The 2022 LSA Internship Fair will take place 12:00-4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15th. RSVP NOW to get timely updates about confirmed employer presenters. You must RSVP in order to receive the information required to access this event.