With internships being such a critical experience for students, the LSA Opportunity Hub since its inception has made a deep commitment to ensuring that all liberal arts students who are interested in an internship can afford to take one.

Funding an internship for an LSA student not only supports their experience but provides a foundation for them to launch a lifetime of professional development. The generosity of donors and alums gives all LSA students the chance to connect their liberal arts education to their goals and aspirations regardless of financial—or in this case, proximity—barriers.

This past year, the College made the unprecedented decision to provide summer funding support to students who pursued virtual internships, both in the US or internationally. This decision freed LSA students to pursue remote opportunities and to petition their internship hosts to transition in-person internships into a virtual format.

With virtual internships, financial support looks a little different. For spring and summer 2020, many students found themselves unable to get out of their off-campus housing leases which were secured for the original purpose of completing an in-person internship. Others were able to move back home but new needs emerged such as increased internet capabilities to make remote work possible and professional clothing for video meetings.

The LSA Internship Scholarship ensured that these expenses were funded, and students were able to focus their time on in-the-field career learning. Ultimately, over $350,000 was awarded to 125 students who pursued virtual internships in the summer of 2020.

These students reported that their remote work experiences taught them how to work independently, solve problems, communicate effectively through the written word, and how to proactively reach out to colleagues. These lifelong skills will serve them well into their careers.

As we begin to see what life and work will look like this summer and beyond, students can be confident that the LSA Internship Scholarship will make it possible to pursue their dream internship. 

To learn more about funding a student’s internship, please connect with one of LSA’s regional directors.