What will employer engagement look like in the Hub?
We're working to create an environment where organizations collaborate in the development of professional growth opportunities for LSA students. This means I’m often on the phone and in meetings asking for the time and expertise of the talented professionals from our future Hub employer collaborations. As we continue to scale our engagement opportunities, we will offer employers a variety of ways to build their brand on campus while supporting the development of a strong talent pipeline.

What is the Hub’s approach to building its portfolio of employer collaborations?
The interesting and exciting challenge of working with and for LSA students is that their interests span the entire spectrum of industries. To ensure that we create opportunities that appeal to our students, we’re identifying key employers from the industries they're most excited about. And we’re making sure that each industry is represented by large Fortune 500 companies, mission-driven nonprofit organizations, and high-potential start-ups.

What are some examples of your employer collaborations in action?
For the 2019/2020 academic year, we launched two engagement types that allow students to explore and develop their understanding of how they fit within a variety of roles and industries. During our September Career Convo, students were able to to explore sales through the lens of organizations from starkly different industries, including Google, City Year, and local start-up AdAdapted. Students who attended November’s Find Your Fit workshop with Airbnb were able to engage in hands-on activities that allowed them to understand the work of a content strategist. This winter, we will offer a full slate of each engagement type for students interested in finance, consulting, people management, the arts and more.

How can organizations collaborate with the Hub?
We are excited to continue to build our relationships with potential employers. To set up a conversation with the employer engagement team, send us an email at lsa-opphub@umich.edu. We look forward to connecting to share more about our efforts in the Hub and to gain a better understanding of how LSA students may thrive in your work.