VS 501: Introduction to Communications in Academia 

This course provides instruction in communication strategies for speaking in both formal and informal academic settings and for written communication. Participants learn and practice the basics of academic presentations and techniques for effectively participating in and leading discussions. Other areas of instruction include the style and organization of research writing, vocabulary development, and pronunciation. Extensive individualized instructor feedback helps participants at all levels of English proficiency improve their spoken accuracy, fluency, and delivery style in both professional and social settings. The first class session includes an overview of the course, a language and needs assessment, and advising.

Fall 2016 Registration  Now Open!

Course Details for Fall 2016

Day/Time: Wednesdays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm;

Dates: September 14 – November 16 (10 sessions)

Location: ELI Conference Room, 555 S. Forest Avenue, Third Floor


For more information, call 734-764-2413 or email ELI-visitingscholarprogram@umich.edu