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Mini Courses

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers English mini courses for undergraduate students at the University of Michigan who speak and write English as an additional language. ELI classes are small, interactive, and provide students with extensive one-on-one feedback. Some features of ELI's undergraduate courses include the following:

  • Open to undergraduate students in all schools
  • No extra course fees—included in full-time tuition
  • Courses count toward the 120 credits required for graduation
  • Graded Credit/No Credit (does not affect GPA)
  • Students register via Wolverine Access

ELI 131 - Interactive Communication

This course is designed to develop conversational fluency. You will explore and practice modes of communication that fluent, experienced speakers of English use in academic settings. You will develop your interactive speaking skills and learn to understand the cultural practices of language and communication in academic situations such as seminars, meetings with professors, and collaboration with classmates.

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for international students and others who speak/write English as a second language who desire to improve spoken fluency or their ability to interact in academic contexts.

(1 credit)

ELI 210 - English Vocabulary for Speaking and Writing

Do you find that you sometimes lack the words to say exactly what you want to express? Do you wish to write in a more academic style? This course offers a unique interactive online approach to enhancing your written and spoken English vocabulary. 

In this course, you will:

  • develop vocabulary-building strategies
  • learn how to make more effective word choices
  • expand your everyday, informal vocabulary
  • learn how to use free online vocabulary tools

The course is highly individualized to meet the language needs of each student. We will work together to establish your vocabulary goals, plan your own personalized learning path, and track your progress. 

Intended Audience:

Undergraduate students of any language background seeking to enhance their vocabulary usage in speaking and writing. 

(1 credit)

ELI 222 - Writing for Campus and Career

ELI 222 Writing for Campus and Career is designed to help you develop your writing skills for success in both academic and professional contexts. We will analyze and write a range of academic and professional written genres that you may be expected to produce both on and off campus. Types of texts examined include statements of purpose, high-stakes emails, personal bio statements, and different types of essays. Assignments feature both individual and collaborative writing.

In this course you will:

  • Analyze a variety of types of writing (genres) in and beyond your major 
  • Complete 4-6 short writing assignments, including at least one collaborative text
  • Engage in peer review  
  • Revise your writing based on instructor feedback
  • Identify and utilize resources to improve grammar and flexibility in writing

Intended audience: 

This course is designed for international students or other second-language writers seeking to improve their academic and professional writing at any stage of their undergraduate studies.

(2 Credits)

ELI 224 - Critical Reading for Effective Writing

Develop your critical reading, fluency and comprehension skills in order to become a more effective and efficient reader. You will analyze a range of academic texts in order to identify elements of effective writing and the ways you can apply these techniques in your own writing. Course materials will include texts that the class chooses together based on students’ majors and academic interests in order to build vocabulary and recognize organizational patterns used in different disciplines and writing situations. 

Course activities include:

  • Close reading of academic texts
  • Group annotation of texts 
  • Individualized extensive reading for fluency building with a weekly reading log
  • Summary and critique writing
  • Building a bank of useful texts in a citation manager such as Mendeley

Intended audience: 

This course is designed for sophomore, junior, and senior international students, including transfer students and non-degree seeking students, or others who speak and write English as an additional language who seek to improve their academic English reading and writing skills. 

(2 credits)

ELI 236 - Pronunciation I

This class will enhance your ability to make yourself understood, whether on campus or in the larger community. We’ll identify the features of pronunciation that can maximize your clarity, and will introduce ways to practice these features to make them more automatic.

You’ll learn how to identify, prioritize, and improve the features of connected speech (e.g. syllabification, intonation, word stress, and rhythm, linking, voice projection) and of specific sounds (e.g. r/l, f/p, vowels) that will have the biggest impact on your own speaking clarity. Awareness of these features of English pronunciation will also support your listening to conversational English.

Through conversations and discussions, use of free online technologies, dramatic performance, small group tutorials, and strategies for improving pronunciation outside of class, you’ll learn how to hear your own pronunciation patterns and how to adjust these patterns to maximize your ability to make yourself more easily understood on campus and beyond.

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for international students and others who speak/write English as a second language who seek to improve the clarity of their pronunciation in English. This course can be taken alongside other speaking ELI courses.

(1 credit)