One of the purposes of the RC podcast is to preserve the oral history of the Residential College and East Quadrangle. It's our pleasure to offer episode five (28:30) that introduces you to Dr. Harvey Slaughter, RC class of 1972, who created a very distinguished undergraduate career including much activism for the advancement of Black students and building structures of academic support for his peers at the University of Michigan. Harvey embodies intellectual curiosity, concern for social welfare, and hunger for organizational change and these qualities were cultivated and fostered while he was a student in the RC - all the while being the only Black male student in his class. 

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To read more about the Black Action Movement, see the University Library Online Exhibition about Racial Activism



See The Michigan Daily's Michigan In Color section for articles and op-eds from students of color about their experience on campus. 


You can find more about Dr. Harvey Slaughter on his LinkedIn profile at this link.