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Parent and Family FAQ

This is a list of commonly asked questions by parents and family members of incoming RC students and some questions commonly asked right now in response to COVID-19. Please be advised that the answers to these may change as new information emerges about Fall 2020 plans. 



Does the RC have an additional cost?

No, RC students are billed the same amount as LSA students.


Whom can I talk to with concerns about my student’s bill?

Start with this website: There are resources to estimate your bill, pay your bill, and decode anything unusual. 

This link shows information regarding bills, due dates, etc.:

When is Housing due? Tuition?

This should be listed on your student’s student account. All financial information and due dates will be listed there. 



When will my student find out their roommate?

Housing will send an email by early August including roommate name, contact information, and their room assignment.


What if my student has a problem with their roommate?

There is a network in place to ensure your student is supported within the dorms. First, roommates are required to sit down together and create a “Roommate Contract” regarding what is and is not OK in their shared space. Your student’s RA (Resident Advisor) will review this information with them. If a conflict occurs, your student can first contact their RA for support. If the concern has escalated, it is possible that a Hall Director will step in to navigate the situation. 


How is UM ensuring safety from COVID-19 in the dorms?

Each individual dorm room is considered a “household unit” and students are not to enter other “household units” or invite guests into theirs. Students are not required to wear face coverings in their dorm rooms, but in all shared spaces (hallways, staircases, etc.) face coverings are expected to be worn. Bathrooms will be cleaned frequently and signage will be posted on mirrors encouraging social distancing. 

Additional UM Housing information can be found here.


[Fall Schedule/Orientation]

Whom is my student meeting with to register for classes?

An RC Academic Advisor whom they may choose to continue working with during the fall term, or they may choose to work with another RC Academic Advisor.


How many credits do students typically take in their first semester?

While full time students can take 12-18 credits a semester at UM, we typically recommend that students take between 14 and 16 credits in their first semester.

For most RC students this will consist of 3 classes - a RC first year writing course; an 8 credit RC intensive language course and one other course (often taken outside of the RC).


My student didn’t get into a certain class that they wanted. What can they do?

It is fairly common not to get your first choice schedule for your first term. The majority of classes have been filled by upper-level students, who registered in the winter term. However, not getting your first choice schedule will not prevent you from pursuing a pre-Med track, STEM degree, degree in a specific field, etc. If your student isn’t able to enroll in their first choice for a class, there is no need to worry because there are many great course offerings at UM. If your student needs help finding classes, an academic advisor can help with that.  

Advisors can help students identify courses that fulfill general distribution or other requirements. 


Will my student fall behind since they’re taking 8 credits of language?

Actually, your student will finish the LSA language requirement in half the time of their LSA peers and have more room in their schedule in the junior and senior years! 


Why is my student waiting until winter to take a language?

It’s likely your student is either a “true beginner” in Spanish or French, or has very minimal experience. The fall sections of these languages are for students with intermediate skill level (200-level course) or beginner level (100-level course). This separation helps create more of an even skill level in the courses. 


[Campus Employment]

How can my student get a work-study job?

They can start their search here: Also, tell them to keep an eye on emails from RC Student Affairs Coordinator, Esha Biswas, who sends weekly emails called ARCS (Activities for RC Students) once the fall term begins. These emails will also include job opportunities in the RC!


[RC Move-in]

When does my student move-in? 

RC move-in was originally scheduled for 8/27. All incoming student move-in has been extended for a week, 8/24-8/30. Students will receive an email from Housing with their individual time slot as well as their move-in date. Only one additional person can help students move-in within a one-hour timeslot. 


[Community Building]

 How is the RC planning to connect students virtually?

RC clubs and events will offer virtual connections to include RC students who are not planning or able to live on campus and to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The best resource for this is our student affairs coordinator, Esha Biswas ( 


[Remote Attendance]

Can RC students attend the fall term remotely from home?

Yes, this option is available for all UM students in response to COVID-19.


What classes will be in-person vs. remote?

This has not been fully decided. This information should be available for students in early August. The university’s target date for this information is August 7.


Will the RC help connect virtual students together who live in the same region?

No, as this would potentially give the impression the RC is encouraging students to meet up in person, which does not follow State of Michigan guidelines for COVID-19. 


Will commuter students be able to study/hang out in East Quad?

The final policy surrounding non-residents entering East Quad has not yet been announced. However, lounges and study spaces within East Quad will be closed for at least the first four weeks of the term. Unfortunately, since the RC is structured to hold small, seminar-style courses, there are not many spaces large enough within East Quad to accommodate a group of students casually hanging out while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Thus, as of now students should not plan on gathering within East Quad.



Is East Quad safe?

When EQ was renovated about 6 years ago, additional security features were put into place. While a non-EQ resident may enter the building to visit their friend/attend class/go to an event, they may only enter at designated public access doors, and they do not have access to any of the doors leading to residential spaces. These doors can only be accessed by students who live in those spaces.


Is there storage for students in EQ?

Unfortunately, there is not additional storage for students within EQ outside of the individual rooms.


Can I bring in new furniture to the dorm rooms?

You are welcome to bring in additional furniture, but you are not permitted to remove any furniture, such as mattresses, chairs, ladders, etc. All items loaned to students must remain within the room. 


[Why the RC?]

Why should my student attend the RC?

There are many benefits that the Residential College provides our students. You can see the highlights on the “10 Reasons to Join the RC” page on our website. You also may want to check out the “9 Myths about the Residential College” page.