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Kelly Allen
Lecturer in English
1132 Angell Hall 764-9128
Anna Almore
Graduate Student and Graduate Student Instructor
Tisch 3023A
Jasmine An
Graduate Student/English & Women's Studies
Daphna Atias
Graduate Student/L&L
Laura Aull
Associate Professor
3020 TH 734-647-6761
Michael Awkward
Gayl A. Jones Collegiate Professor of Afro-American Literature and Culture
3062 Tisch Hall 764-0444
Ashley Bates
Program Manager, Helen Zell Writers' Program
Working remotely due to COVID-19; easily accessible by email.

12-1pm, Wednesdays: Virtual Office Hours for MFA Students and Faculty (email for login instructions)


Mondays 10:30am-4:30pm and 7:30-9:30pm
Tuesdays 3:30-10:30pm
Wednesdays 7:30-9:30am and 10:30am-5:30pm
Thursdays 8-10am and 4-10pm
Fridays 8-10am and 10:30am-4:30pm
Annette Beauchamp
Graduate Student: Joint PhD Program in English & Education, Graduate Student Instructor
Angell Hall: 3266

Gorman Beauchamp
Associate Professor Emertius
4210 Angell Hall 764-6369
Molly Beer
Lecturer; Great Lakes Writers Corps
Lauren Benjamin
Graduate Student/Comparative Literature
Angela Berkley
Lecturer II
North Quad, Sweetland Center For Writing
Gina Brandolino
1321 North Quadrangle Academic 764-9961
Enoch Brater
Kenneth T. Rowe Collegiate Professor of Dramatic Literature & Professor of English and Theater
3255 Angell Hall 764-2275
Aozora Brockman
GSI/MFA (Poetry)
3017 Tisch Hall
Robert Bruno
3254 Angell Hall 763-3796
John Buckley
Lecturer II
3137 Angell Hall (but I'll be operating remotely this semester)
Thea Bude
Graduate Program Manager
3187 AH - Thursday
At home - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Julie Buntin
Assistant Professor
3180 AH 734-763-2265
Aaron Burch
3146 Angell Hall 647-3905
Ian Calloway
Lorch 453D
Jennifer Catey
Undergraduate Administrator
3187D Angell Hall 763-5862
Jeremiah Chamberlin
Lecturer IV
Remote in Fall 2020
Philip Christman
Lecturer II
Angell Hall 3142
MCSP Office in West Quad
Louis Cicciarelli
1323 North Quadrangle Academic 763-8051
Amy Clark
Michigan Society of Fellows
Emily Coccia
PhD Candidate in English and Women's & Gender Studies
Constanza Contreras Ruiz
GSI/ PhD Candidate in English L&L
3017 Tisch Hall
monét cooper
Doctoral Student | GSI
3069 Tisch Hall
Sigrid Anderson Cordell
Librarian for English Language and Literature
Naima Coster
Lecturer I English Language and Literature
Stacy Coyle
Lecturer IV, English Lang and Lit, LSA; Program in the Environment, SEAS
4171 Angell Hall 647-2857
Lisa Curtis
Writing Program Administrator
3012A Tisch Hall 764-0419
Anne Curzan
Dean; Geneva Smitherman Collegiate Professor of English Language and Literature; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
2205 LSA Building 734.764.0322
Asher Dark
3023A Tisch Hall
Lewander Davis
Administrative Assistant
3187G Angell Hall
Update due to COVID-19: Please be advised that due to COVID-19, as with the rest of our staff and many people at the university, I am working remotely. My regular business hours are 8:30am-5:00pm. Email is the best way to reach me. If you do call my office line and leave a message, voice-mails will be forwarded to my email.
Jaimien Delp
Lecturer II
4189 Angell Hall 647-6943
Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz
2019 MFA Alumni / Zell Fellow
Zoey Dorman
Graduate Student/L&L
3045 Tisch Hall
Carlina Duan
Doctoral Student / GSI
Online via Zoom (Fall 2020) / 3023B Tisch Hall.
Luiza Duarte Caetano
Graduate Student/Comp. Lit
Tisch Hall 3071
Dejan Duric
Graduate Student/American Culture
Tisch Hall 3069
Julie Ellison
Professor of American Culture and English. Faculty Associate, Department of African and Afroamerican Studies; Faculty Associate, Stamps School of Art and Design
3527F Haven Hall 645-9399
Catherine Fairfield
Graduate Student/English & Women's Studies
Anne Ruggles Gere
Professor/Chair Prg in Engl&Edu
1354 North Quadrangle Academic/2018 SAB 936-3144 / 647-2529
David Gold
Associate Professor of English, Women's Studies, and Education
3160 Angell Hall 764-9139
Sandra Gunning
4733 Haven Hall

Fields of study:
American studies; 19th- and 20th-century American literature; African American literature; African diaspora studies; interdisciplinary approaches to literature, femininsm and gender studies, and travel writing
734 763.5525
David Halperin
W. H. Auden Distinguished University Professor of the History and Theory of Sexuality
3124 Angell Hall 647-5884
Nick Harp
Sheridan Baker Collegiate Lecturer - Assistant Director, English Department Writing Program
3018 Tisch Hall

Martha Henzy
Graduate Student/L&L
3021 Tisch Hall
Michael Hinken
Lecturer II
4219 Angell Hall 763-3718
Michael Hoffman
Graduate Student/E&E
3091 Tisch Hall
Karena Huff
Administrative Assistant Intermediate
3187 Angell Hall 763-6726
Mason Jabbari
Graduate Student / English Language and Literature
Jane Johnson
Chief Administrator
3187H Angell Hall 734-764-7301
David Karczynski
1319 North Quadrangle Academic
Laura Kasischke
Theodore Roethke Distinguished University Professor: Residential College/Department of English Language and Literature
3138 Angell Hall 936-1558
Christopher Kingsland
Graduate Student/E&E
3023D Tisch hall
Michaela Kotziers
Graduate Student, English and Women’s & Gender Studies
3025 Tisch Hall
Amanda Kubic
Graduate Student/Comp. Lit
3023G Tisch Hall
Joshua Kupetz
3133 Angell
Kassy Lee
GSI/MFA in Poetry
3023H Tisch Hall
Naitnaphit Limlamai
Graduate Student Instructor; Graduate Student Research Assistant
4204 School of Education Building (SEB)
Vincent Longo
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Denise Looker
Student Adminstrative Assistant Intermediate
3014 Tisch Hall 764-0418
Ashley Lucas
Prison Creative Arts Project - Associate Professor of Theatre & Drama
Lisa Makman
Lecturer IV and Internship Director
3260 Angell Hall 647-7706
Rebecca Manery
Hopwood Program Manager
1176 Angell Hall
(734) 764-6296
Aleksandra Marciniak
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Howard Markel
Professor Pediatric & Comm Diseases Dept - Medical School - LSA History - Medical School Administration - Health Management and Policy - School of Public Health - Psychiatry Department - LSA English Language & Lit.
Simpson Rm 104 734 647-6914
James McIntosh
Professor Emeritus
4210 Angell Hall 734-662-0597
Emily Jace McLaughlin
Lecturer II
4189 Angell Hall 647-6943
Elizabeth McNeill
Graduate Student/Sweetland Fellow
Jeremy Mitchell
Events & Communications Coordinator
3187 Angell Hall (734)763-2342
Justin Mitchell
LSA Collegiate Fellow
Stephanie Moody
3262 Angell Hall
Heidi Morse
4664 Haven Hall 763-5400
Lisa Nakamura
Gwendolyn Calvert Baker Collegiate Professor; Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor for the Digital Studies Minor
3735 Haven Hall

Fields of study:
Asian American studies, digital media theory, digital game studies, feminist theory, film and television studies, race and gender in new media
734 615.6472
Dylan Ogden
Graduate Student/Linguistics
Joy Peltier
Graduate Student/Linguistics
James Pinto
3141 Angell Hall
Kamaria Porter
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Yopie Prins
Irene Butter Collegiate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
2021 Tisch (Chair, Department of Comparative Literature)
Robin Queen
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan
440A Lorch Hall (Chair's Office)
406 Lorch Hall (Faculty Office)
611 Tappan St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1220

Fields of Study:
Phonetics and Phonology; Language Contact; Sociolinguistics; Prosody
Eric Rabkin
Arthur F Thurnau Professor Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature, College of LS&A and Professor Emeritus of Art and Design, Penny W Stamps School of Art and Design
Simon Rivers
Curriculum Coordinator
3187C Angell Hall 734-764-0409
Emily Saidel
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Michael Schoenfeldt
John R. Knott, Jr. Collegiate Professor of English
5217 Angell Hall 734764-6378
Greg Schutz
Lecturer II
3129 Angell Hall
Ali Shapiro
1328 North Quadrangle Academic 936-3145
Naomi Silver
Lecturer; SCW Associate Director
1350 North Quadrangle Academic 647-4519
Mrinalini Sinha
Alice Freeman Palmer Professor of History; Professor (by courtesy) of English and Women's Studies; Senior Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows (2015-)
1743 Haven Hall

Fields of Study:
Asia; Global & World ; Gender Studies & Sexuality; Intellectual & Cultural History ; Nations & Nationalism; Politics & Power
734 615.3451
Lauren Sirota
Graduate Student/L & L
Macklin Smith
Associate Professor Emeritus
Rick Smoke
Web Applications Developer/Website Administrator
W&ADS World Headquarters 734.615.0100
Emma Soberano
Graduate Student Instructor/L&L
Michelle Sprouse
English and Education PhD Candidate,Graduate Student Instructor
3071 Tisch Hall
Ralph Story
Lecturer; CSP Associate Director
1145 Angell Hall 764-9128
Fritz Swanson
Lecturer II
4174 Angell Hall
Charles Taylor
Lecturer II
1139 Angell Hall 615-2739
Randy Tessier
3122 Angell Hall 647-7690
Theresa Tinkle
Director, Sweetland Center for Writing Professor of English and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
1354 North Quad, Sweetland Center for Writing 734 936-3144
Yeshua G. B. Tolle
Graduate Student / L&L / Endelman Fellow in Judaic Studies
Angell Hall 5207
Valerie Traub
Adrienne Rich Distinguished University Professor of English & Women's Studies; Frederick G. L. Huetwell Professor of English and Women's Studies
3064 Tisch Hall
Daniel Valella
LSA Collegiate Fellow
3140 Angell Hall 764-6371
Sarah Van Cleve
3023G Tisch Hall
Hours: Fri 1:15pm-3:15pm
Kristin vanEyk
Doctoral Candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education
School of Education 616-745-3541
Kathryn Van Zanen
Doctoral Student, Joint Program in English and Education; Graduate Student Instructor
3027 Tisch Hall
Senia Vasquez
Student Administrative Assistant Intermediate
3181 Angell Hall 763-4139
Cody Walker
Lecturer IV; Director, Undergraduate Program in Creative Writing; Co-director, Bear River Writers' Conference
3256 Angell Hall 763-6235
Matthew Wamser
Graduate Student Instructor/MFA Candidate (Fiction)
David Ward
4180 Angell Hall
E.J. Westlake
Associate Professor of Theatre (Theatre Studies)
2433 Walgreen

Research focuses on performance in the Americas, including:
nationalist drama, public art, community-based theatre, pedagogy, and the interplay between public identity, political discourse, and performance narrative
734 764-3118
EJ Westlake
Professor of English Language and Literature, Professor of Theatre & Drama
2408 Walgreen Drama Center 764-3118
Ashley Whitaker
3017 Tisch Hall
Halley Widlak
Financial Specialist Associate
2002 MLB 734 764-0291
Audra Wilson
Executive Assistant
3187 Angell Hall 734-647-7477
Emily Wilson
Graduate Student/E&E
Adelay Witherite
Graduate Student: Joint Ph.D. Program in English and Education
3023B Tisch Hall