Hello, incoming RC-ers!

This is Taranbir, your Student Affairs Coordinator, reaching out to give you all a big congratulations on so many things! Many of you are graduating high school and deserve to celebrate! We from the RC want to give you a big CONGRATS and a huge thank you for taking the time to complete your RC Canvas Orientation! It really has been a huge help to the RC Advising Team that you all are coming into orientation super prepared!

On that note, for all of you that have already completed orientation, it has been SUCH a joy getting to meet you all during Peer Advising! I want to give a big shout-out to our amazing Peer Advisors as well! For all of our incoming students who still have their orientation sessions coming up, we are really excited to meet with you all and help plan out your Fall semester. As you get prepared for orientation, remember to try to have your Canvas activities completed two weeks prior to your Orientation Session! 

Meeting you all is making me so excited for the Fall! As you get prepared to start your university journey, keep a lookout for incoming student events like virtual events with the Peer Advisors this summer, and Welcome Week for incoming students this fall!!!

With lots of excitement and RC Love,