"My name is Griffin St. Onge and I am from Clawson, Michigan. I am double majoring in Political Science and French, with a minor in Translation Studies.  My friend, Lauren Schandevel, came up with the idea to make this guide and I jumped on board right after. The two of us and some other students subsequently founded the Michigan Affordability and Advocacy Coalition."

Griffin was interviewed by Ari Shapiro on NPR's All Things Considered and it aired on April 26. You can hear the full interview here. The story includes mention that Lauren and Griffin's work has been modeled by students at other universities in the US like University of Texas. 

To see the guide, "Being Not Rich at UM", see this link.  At the time of this news story, there are over 30 contributors from students to U-M staff members to local community members, weighing in on everything from where you can find the lowest prices on groceries, to basics of investment strategies for students, to what resources exist within Student Life at U-M if you're in distress. 

Thank you, Griffin and Lauren, for identifying a gap in service to our lower SES students on campus - and more importantly, for acting to create something of value for yourselves and others.