Episode 9 - Dhani Jones, RC '00, on Being a Pro Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Quintessential RC Thinker (26:44) December 5, 2018

Dhani may not have entirely chosen the RC - he chocks it up to the directive of a very influential alumna in his family - but he certainly has a lot to say about how the focus on liberal arts and the self-directed kind of learning he experienced in East Quad equipped him with the confidence to forge a very singular and high profile career since graduating in 2000. In Episode 9, Dhani joins one of his academic advisors and beloved retired RC admissions counselor, Lana Kanitz, as well as RC Podcast host, Robby Griswold, for a giggly stroll down memory lane. He shares some advice he gives to guests on his show, Adventure Capitalists on CNBC, and sheds light on his self-described "unexpected" career in football from playing for the Wolverines to joining multiple teams in the NFL. 

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