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RC Forums

Listen to #theRCPodcast episode from January 2020 about RC Forums: 


RC forums are student-initiated and student-run discussion groups that can be created by any RC student around a topic of interest. RC students may elect to receive up to one credit per semester for participation in a forum and these credits can count towards the four requisite RC classes for graduation. Forums may participate in community-building events, excursions, performances, and community service activities, depending on student interest. Forums are open to all students, but only RC students can receive academic credit for participation. There are usually approximately 10 active RC Forums every semester, often including the following topics:

Creative Writing Forum: The Creative Writing Forum is a group of students interested in developing imagination and promoting self-expression through the written form. Weekly, we will focus on various aspects of writing, including genres, characters, styles, etc. While we mostly center on creative prose fiction, members are free to express themselves in any style they choose, and we hope that you will feel comfortable enough to share your work, whether or not you’re experienced!

Dance Forum: Dance Forum gives students the chance to experience the diverse art form of dance from many vantage points. It is open to students who are interested in any and all types of dance; no prior dance experience is necessary. We watch recordings and screenings of dance performances, teach each other choreography and routines, and explore styles of dance from around the world as well as various Western styles of dance. We also plan outings to student and/or professional performances on campus and in Ann Arbor.

RC DAP (Diversity & Politics) Forum: DAP is a close-knit environment where students are interacting through dialogue and are learning about current events (centered around politics) and societal problems that aren't necessarily addressed in depth in any other educational setting. We discuss an array of topics such as immigration, the government's role in natural disasters, social injustice, gun laws, affirmative action, and so much more!

Eco Forum: Eco Forum is a space where students can discuss issues concerning the environment and how we relate to it. We respond to controversies of our time, experience the environment around us through group trips and service projects (most notable in the East Quad Community Garden), and watch and react to films that touch on environmental topics. We are dedicated to fostering dialogues around sustainability, environmental justice, climate change, and other eco-social issues in and outside of our group. We are excited to be a part of the RC community and are here to reflect the values of environmental consciousness that many in the RC hold!

Feminist Forum: Feminist Forum provides a space within the RC for discussion and dialogue about feminism. Feminist Forum meets weekly to discuss a wide range of issues involving the intersection of gender with race, class, sexual orientation and other identities. Our weekly topics include representation of race, gender, and sexual orientation in the media, sexual health, and issues on campus, among other topics that demonstrate the need for feminism. In addition to facilitating stimulating discussions about these topics, Feminist Forum provides a space for members to grow so that they may learn to become advocates for feminism not only on the University of Michigan campus, but in all areas of life. We are focusing increasingly on feminist and intersectional activism on campus as well.    

Film Forum: The Film Forum incorporates love of film with love of community. Members come together to watch and discuss themes such as foreign language, sexuality, women’s rights, and Oscar nominees. We discuss how these themes have been manifested in our film culture today and how cinema has contributed to and changed society at a large. In the past we have studied Miyazaki’s animation, social documentaries, and viewed films such as Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Fall, and Blue Jasmine. Get ready for good friends, good movies, and great times!

Food Forum: The Food Forum educates and engages students in food production, preservation, and preparation. We emphasize hands-on learning, with particular attention to cooking and food preservation. This hands-on approach is highlighted in the forum’s demonstration and workshops put on by students for students (i.e. making sauerkraut, canning, pickling). Meaning Food Forum is mostly member-lead and an awesome opportunity to teach fellow students in an informal setting. We have also partnered with Michigan Dining and other university and community organizations in an effort to keep food at the forefront of our minds, and just in the pits of our bellies!

Health & Wellness Forum: The Health & Wellness Forum is a group of students interested in exploring issues in everyday life concerning mental and physical health. We cover a variety of topics that change each term according to the interests of the members. In the past, each student has had the opportunity to lead a session on a topic that they already know about or want to know more about. We have held events ranging from watching Food Inc. to studying meditation to visiting a teashop for a tasting. It’s great to have supportive peers to push you to stay healthy at a time when all-you-can-eat ice cream is so tempting.

LGBTQIA+ Forum: This forum aims to create a safe space for open, honest dialogue about issues involving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual community. We bring together people from all different backgrounds, including allies, and focus on issues such as gender roles, homophobia, homelessness within the Trans* community and more. In addition to weekly dialogues, we bring in speakers from across campus, collaborate with the Spectrum Center, and hold an annual Trans* Clothing Drive in the spring. Everyone is welcome to join any of our meetings and events.

Sex Forum: The Sex Forum offers a safe environment fostering dialogue about topics ranging from basic anatomy to sexual taboos and how sex affects culture. Our forum seeks to promote the importance of sexual health, education, and wellbeing in the RC community. In the past, we have put on variety shows, had movie screenings, hosted guest speakers, as well as panels on topics pertaining to sex and sexual health. If there are any questions about sex that you’ve always wanted answered, there has never been a more comfortable and fun space to ask.