Science Demonstrations

Science Demonstrations are live presentations in the Science Forum. We use real specimens and phenomena to stimulate curiosity and excitement!

20 to 30 minutes
Price in addition to the Group Admission
30 students

Only available Monday-Friday

These live, engaging demonstrations on a scientific topic take place in the Science Forum. Presenters use real collection objects and show phenomena to stimulate curiosity and excitement! 

Life Cycles

Grades: K-2

Discover the stages in the life cycle and metamorphosis of a variety of different animals! Students get to see how these animals change throughout their lifetimes through a demonstration and by looking at actual collection items!
Key Concepts: life cycles, structures and functions 

How to Become a Fossil

Grades: 2-7

In this demonstration, you’ll explore how fossils are created. What parts of an animal become fossilized? How old are the earliest fossils? Students will discover how things fossilize and how fossil casts are made in the museum! This short program offers exciting information about fossils and real fossils you can touch!
Key Concepts: fossils, extinction, biodiversity

Cow Eye Dissection

Grades: 5-8

Watch a cow eye dissection and take a closer look at the organ that helps us see the world.  How is it different from our eyes and those of other animals? Learn the parts of the eye and how they work together to illuminate our sight.
Key Concepts: light, systems