We provide the following materials to enrich your visit:

  • Pre- and Post-Visit Materials — supplemental information to help students prepare for their visit before they come, and to reinforce what they have learned after their visit. 
  • Astronomy Resources in the Planetarium section provide related links and pre-visit materials for Planetarium group shows.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Assistant Director for Education Kira Berman at 734.647.8574 or via e-mail at kiberman@umich.edu.  For Planetarium services, contact Planetarium Manager Matt Linke at 734.647.1381 or via e-mail at mlinke@umich.edu.

To schedule a program:  Contact the main office at 734.764.0480 or via email at ummnh.office@umich.edu.  All scheduling is coordinated through the main office.