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Can’t make it to the museum? We can bring these programs to your classroom!

Museum to You

Classroom Workshops and River Residency workshops offer in-depth explorations of scientific concepts right in your classroom.

  • Classroom workshops are 60 minutes long with a maximum capacity of 30 students. Cost is $225 for the first class, $125 for each additional class. Additional transportation fees for schools outside a 25-mile radius. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.
    More info on available Classroom workshop topics

  • River Residency workshops explore concepts related to flooding, erosion, and water quality using the museum's 10-foot stream simulation table. Museum staff can lead a variety of workshops for up to four classes per day. Cost is $1,100 for one day; $1,500 for two days; $2,000 for three days; and $2,500 for four days. Fees include mileage up to 25 miles.
    More info on available on River Residency workshop topics