The Science Communication Fellows program is for faculty, post-docs, and graduate students who are interested in sharing their research with the general public. 

The U-M Museum of Natural History uses the NSF-supported Portal to the Public guiding framework to bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research in the Science Communication Fellows program.

To become a Fellow, scientists participate in two free professional development workshops focused on building the skills to effectively engage public audiences.  With guidance from museum program staff, Fellows develop meaningful, inquiry-based and materials-rich table-top activities that showcase their research then share these activities with K-12 students and the public at two or more outreach events.

Fellows also facilitate their activities for the general public during two Scientist Spotlight events.



We are no longer accepting applications for the winter/spring 2020 program, check back in summer 2020 for the fall application period.   

Please contact Alicia Comer, with questions.