The Science Communication Fellows program is for faculty, post-docs, PhD and graduate students who are interested in sharing their research with the general public.

The U-M Museum of Natural History uses the NSF-supported Portal to the Public guiding framework to bring scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research.

Fellows accepted into the program will participate in a series of five free professional development workshops hosted by museum staff, focused on building the skills to effectively engage public audiences. During this process and with guidance from museum staff, Fellows will develop meaningful, inquiry-based activities that showcase their research then share these activities with K-12 students and/or the public at two or more community outreach events during the 2021-22 academic year.



We plan to hold the science communication workshops and most events in person, following the most up to date University COVID guidelines. For those that would like an accommodation based on vaccination status, please let us know prior to the first workshop so we can ensure you have the ability to socially distance throughout the program.


The application deadline for the 2021 fall semester is September 12, 2021.



Please note that there are a limited number of spaces and we will not be able to accept all applicants. For more information contact Alicia Comer,