Elizabeth Asteriou
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Kira Berman
Assistant Director for Education
BSB B225 734.647.8574
Brittany Burgess
Student Affairs Program Manager
Nathan Carrillo
Office Manager
BSB 2276 734-764-0480
Michael Cherney
Exhibit Content Specialist
BSB B221 734-936-2950
Alicia Comer
Science Outreach Grants Manager
BSB B241 734-647-4103
Lori Ann Dick, APR
Marketing & Communications Manager
BSB B2288 734-763-3312
Eugene Dillenburg
Assistant Director for Exhibits
BSB B223 734.647.1382
Tim Donahue
Exhibits / Display Coordinator
BSB B221 734.936.2982
Kevin Farmer
Program Development Manager
B227 Biological Sciences Building 734-615-5435
Jeanna Fox
Educational Outreach Manager
BSB B241 734-615-7116
Lynne Friman
BSB/Museum Project Manager Museum of Natural History
BSB 2284 734.764-2595
Amy Harris
Museum Director
BSB 2290 734.763.4191
Matt Linke
Planetarium Manager
BSB 1259 734.647.1381
Kelly Sullivan
Store Manager / Financial Analyst
BSB 1241A 734.647.1371
Nora Webber
Assistant Director for Development
BSB 2291 734.936.5834
Melissa Westlake
Exhibit Developer
BSB B221 734.647.3180
Kelsey Wiggins
Associate Registrar

Biological Sciences Building, 1105 North University Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1085
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