Try this!  Science you can do at home

Don't sit on the couch - get up and do some science! You'll find instructions and videos here for science experiments you can try at home with everyday materials.


Make Your Own Compass

Use household items to generate a magnetic field and see how it interacts with Earth’s nearest magnetic pole!

Transmissions: Gone Viral

Transmissions: Gone Viral is a digital interactive comic book put together by our partners at the New York Hall of Science. It follows a group of kids who investigate a mysterious virus plaguing animals and humans. The kids learn about how scientists study diseases that come from animals. A great way to help kids grades 4 and up understand more about viruses. Read The Comic 


Blood Typing

Ever wonder why doctors need to know your blood type? Set up a mystery for young scientists to solve, using milk, food coloring, and vinegar. What is the patient’s blood type and why does it matter?



Fruit DNA Extraction