An eclectic “zoo” of ongoing research projects! Also available as an app!  iOS // Android

Michigan ZoomIN

ID critters caught on camera, help U-M learn more about ecological dynamics.

Stall Catchers

Stall Catchers turns data collection on blood vessels into a world-wide online game.


Are you a nature nerd? Share your photos of plants, animals, and other things you find outdoors for science! Also available as an app! iOS // Android

2020 City Nature Challenge

Once you’ve got the hang of iNaturalist, you can participate in the 2020 City Nature Challenge (April 24 - May 4), an annual contest where cities across the globe compete in a friendly competition to observe, photograph, and identify the most species.

Folding At Home

A protein’s shape determines its function. Run simulations of protein folding and movement on your personal computer to help scientists learn more about proteins and their role in diseases.


The shape of a protein allows it to function: new fold, new function! Solve puzzles and virtually “fold” proteins to better understand (and potentially) treat diseases, including the novel coronavirus.

NASA Globe Observer

Go global with your citizen science! Help NASA scientists understand the environmental dynamics that affect the world. Also available as an app! iOS / Android

Balloon Debris

Record observations of balloon remnants in your area to help U-M researchers stop the pollution party.


Crowds curate collections in this initiative to create digital data about biodiversity specimens.

Notes from Nature - MI - Bug

Help document historical insect diversity with the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology on Zooniverse!

Want to learn more? 

Check out the four-part PBS documentary series Crowd and the Cloud for more about community and citizen science. For even more projects, check out SciStarter, to discover projects by location, type, focus area, appropriate age range, and more.