Early Childhood Programs

30 minutes
Price in addition to the Group Admission
25 students

Only available Monday-Friday

Available September to mid-June

These programs are designed especially for young children and feature hands-on activities with real scientific specimens. They take place in the Community Room.

What is a Dinosaur?

Explore the world of dinosaurs with stories, songs, and hands-on fossils. Learn what a dinosaur is and what paleontologists do. 

Creature Features

Learn about animals that have fur, feathers, and scales! Find out what makes amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals similar and different. 



Early Childhood Planetarium Experience

55 seats (additional space for up to 3 wheelchairs)
$3 for 30 minute early childhood programs
Planetarium programs have limited availability on the weekends.

Our new Planetarium & Dome Theater offers advanced technology and a luxurious new learning environment to bring the universe to you! Group programs are presented live.

Musical Sky

Grades: PreK and K
30 minutes

Explore the sky through pictures, constellations, and songs! Learn about rockets, astronauts, the Moon, and what’s visible in the night sky. Choose between a night-focused or planet-focused version.