The 2020 session of the Ypsilanti Math Corps at U(M) was a resounding success. The program was a virtual experience for the summer, but that just added another level to the enthusiasm and engagement of the staff and students. Led by Associate Professor Sarah Koch and Professor Stephen DeBacker, who worked with several other department faculty and students, the program worked with 60 middle schoolers and 30 high school teaching assistants for five weeks during July and August. The program was supported by the College of LSA, the U(M) Mathematics Department, the National Science Foundation, as well as several generous donors. The program was able to secure a donation of 100 new tablets that allowed all of the participants to experience an engaging and fulfilling online program with appropriate technology. A more detailed program description, as well as many comments from participating students, is included in this document. A wonderful article about the program is included on the LSA News Site.