The Fall 2014 BAC Funding Application will be made available on Friday, September 19.

BAC Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I apply for funding?

A: To apply for funding your student organization must fill out the BAC Fall 2014 funding application.

Q: What is the maximum amount of funding my club can receive?

A: $2,000.00 per semester.

Q: What is rolling funding?

A: It is BAC’s new process. Funding to groups will now be given out across four waves. Each wave will have a different launch date, due date, appeals date, and receipt deadline. This process will allow for us to give more money to groups, more flexibility in planning your events, and more chances to receive funding.

Q: What are the deadlines for the Fall 2014 semester?

A: Applications are due every other Friday at 5:00 pm starting October 3. The deadlines are October 3, October 17, October 31, and November 14.

Q: By what date will funding decisions be announced?

A: As soon as we can get them out to you. Ff you haven’t heard from by Wednesday at 11:59 please contact us at

Appeals Process

Q: How does the appeals process work?


1) Please fill out the APPEALS FORM found on the LSA SG BAC website.

2) Email the completed appeal application to: by the 5 pm on the Friday after which your application was due. Late Appeals will not be accepted.

3) Appeals interview time slot will be assigned upon receipt of appeal application. Appeal Interviews will be conducted on the Sunday after your appeal was filed.

Q: Can I appeal for anything for which I did not initially apply?

A: No.

Reimbursement Process

Q: How does the reimbursement process work?

A: Student organizations that have been awarded funding must fill out a reimbursement form which can be found on our website and present all receipts

Q: Is the money directly transferred to my account?

A: No, the money awarded is not directly transferred to your organization’s account. The reimbursement form that is listed on our website must be filled out and all hard copies of receipts must be turned in to the LSA Student Government office which is in 325 Mason Hall. Additionally, any invoices need to be included with an online credit card statement and the purchases must be highlighted or circled.

Q: How long does the reimbursement process generally take?

A: There are 3 reimbursement deadlines per semester. If you turn in the form before the deadline, it will generally take 3 weeks. If you miss the final reimbursement deadline, your organization will not be able to use the funding.

Additional Questions

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Chair: Jason Colella, Vice Chair: TBA, or Treasurer: Gretchen

LSA SG BAC Frequently Asked Questions
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