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Health Subcommittee


This subcommittee aims to improve the health of all students at the University of Michigan. This includes mental, physical, and emotional health. SG Health raises awareness of great resources already on campus and introduces new programs that will benefit students’ health.

Current Projects

Projects may include ways to reduce student anxiety, improving healthy food options in dining halls and vending machines, getting student input for recreational buildings and University Union renovations, and raising awareness about students with disabilities. In the past, we worked on our “Step it Up” campaign in an effort to encourage capable LSA students to take the stairs. Some of our past events have included Diag days such as Flufest, Safe Spring Break, and Stress Free. Partnerships with University Health Services (UHS), University Unions, recreational buildings on campus, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Food Advisory Committee (FAC), and the Sexperteam have already been established. Stay healthy!

Meeting Time: Sunday at 6:00, G325 Mason Hall

ChairAnnie Goettemoeller
Vice Chair: Mohsin Arsiwala