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Bring the museum to your school or organization!  These hands-on, inquiry-based classroom workshops provide in-depth explorations of scientific concepts using museum objects.  Classes are divided into small groups which rotate among three different hands-on stations, each facilitated by museum staff. Students write and record observations and data in accompanying journals.  All workshops encourage cooperative learning and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Classroom workshops are 60 minutes in length and have a maximum capacity of 30 students.

Cost: $225 for the first class, $125 for each additional class. Transportation fees may apply.

To register for a Museum to You Classroom Workshop, please call 734.764.0480 or email ummnh.office@umich.edu.

Changing Landforms - Grades 2-6:

Learn how geologic forces such as glaciation, erosion, sedimentation, and weathering create and change Earth’s landforms. Students will engineer structures that influence erosion and model how glaciers move and deposit sediment.

Fabulous Fossils - Grades 2-4:

Using real fossils from the museum collection, students will  discover what makes a fossil, create a stratigraphy column, and explore what rock formations reveal about the ancient environments of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras.

Changing Earth: Inside the Earth - Grades 4-6:

Learn how geologic forces such as volcanoes and earthquakes create and change Earth’s landscapes. Students will create a model of the Earth’s layers, simulate volcanic eruptions, explore plate tectonics, and engineer earthquake-proof structures.

Rock Detectives - Grades 2-6:  

In this hands-on workshop, students will model the rock cycle, observe and test real rocks and minerals to discover their composition, and investigate how rocks and minerals are used in everyday objects.