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William Addison
Elected Representative
Dania Ali
Elected Representative
Mollie Berglund
Elected Representative, External Relations and Communications Committee Vice-Chair
(207) 242-1653
Dylan Bernstein
Elected Representative, Appointments Subcommittee Vice-Chair, Webmaster
(310) 433-1181
Luke Bromberg
Associate Representative
McLaren Christensen
Appointed Representative, LGBTQ+ Task Force Chair
Anna Colvin
Associate Representative
Maleny Crespo
Associate Representative
Brandon De Martínez
Appointed Representative, Diversity Affairs Committee Chair
LSA Building, University of Michigan
Gabriel Ervin
Appointed Representative,
Zackariah Farah
Former member
Noah Gadola
Appointed Representative
Danielle Goodstein
Budget Allocations Committee Chair
Jiaqi Huang
Appointed Representative
Bilal Irfan
Elected Representative, Diversity Affairs Committee Vice-Chair
1174 LSA Building
Cody Jonaitis
Associate Representative, Taking Responsibility for the Earth and Environment Subcommittee Chair
Jordan Juliao
Appointed Representative, Subcommittee on Technology, Advising, and Academic Resources Chair, Committee Advocating for Transfer, Nontraditional and International Students Vice-Chair
Lydia Kado
Elected Representative
Makayla Kelley
Associate Representative
Joo Hyun Kim
Appointed Representative
Cory Knittle
Appointed Representative
Jee-in Kwon
BAC At-Large Member, Budget Allocations Committee Vice-Chair
Christian Loredo-Duran
Appointed Representative
(616) 291-5983
Ella Mannino
Elected Representative, Taking Responsibility for the Earth and Environment Subcommittee Vice-Chair
Aleezah Manzoor
Elected Representative, Student Life Committee Vice-Chair
Claudia McLean
Elected Representative, Appointments Subcommittee Chair
Austin Moon
Associate Representative
Rashmi Nair
Appointed Representative
Ethan Neff
Elected Representative
Abigail Nighswonger
Elected Representative, Subcommittee on Technology, Advising, and Academic Resources Vice-Chair. Task Force for Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention Vice-Chair
JJ Niskar
Appointed Representative, LGBTQ+ Task Force Vice-Chair
Abby Ochs
Elected Representative
Cody Pierangeli
Associate Representative
Noah Rich
Associate Representative
Sophia Rich
External Relations Officer
Cameron Rifkin
Former Treasurer
Kayla Rothstein
Speaker of the Government, Associate Representative
Sarah Salino
Student Life Relations Officer
Caroline Slack
Elected Representative, Committee Advocating for Transfer, Nontraditional, and International Students Chair, LSA Annual Scholarship Task Force Vice-Chair
Max Stoneman
Elected Representative, Judiciary Oversight and Election Code Subcommittee Chair, Internal Review Committee Vice-Chair, Assembly Appointee to the Judiciary Appointments Commission
Peter Tam
Associate Representative
Mithun Vidhya-Ponraj
Elected Representative
LSA 1174 2488269465
Maria Wajahat
Elected Representative, Health Committee Vice-Chair
1174 LSA Building
Erik Williams
Elected Representative
Michael Wilson
Associate Representative
Magda Wojtara
Appointed Representative, Health Committee Chair
Ihsaan Yasin
Elected Representative
1174 LSA Building
Suki Zhao
Elected Representative, Academic Affairs Committee Vice-Chair
Daqi Zhou
Appointed Representative
Noah Zimmerman
Associate Representative