Location: 2nd Floor

So much of the world around us is too small to see with our eyes or to even know it's there. Under the Microscope explores the building blocks of life, which elements are needed for life to exist, and how different types of cells work together to make up the human body!


Things to Look For


Discover how a mother’s love and care can change a rat’s DNA.


Step into the giant cell and explore the different parts that make up a human cell.


Learn about the structure and functions of hemoglobin by building your own.


Meet T.A.M., our Transparent Anatomical Model! You can look inside her and see the systems that make our bodies work!


Tell us your opinion about important policy issues in microbiology, and read what others think.


Take a closer look at the stages of embryonic development of mice and compare them to the stages of humans, fish, and chicken.