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Workshops and Events for Students

Each fall and winter term, the SLC sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of workshops and events for students. Below are some of our most common workshop offerings.

Ace Your Courses: Metacognition is Key! 

Have you ever found yourself putting forth a great deal of effort into your courses, but not feeling like you are actually learning or are left unsatisfied with your grade?  This workshop, based on the work of Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire, will enable you to analyze your current learning strategies, understand exactly what changes you need to implement to earn an A in your courses, identify concrete strategies to use during the remainder of your semester, and become a more efficient learner.   

Extraordinary Grad and Professional Programs for Science Majors

Sure you can pursue the "ordinary" health careers after you graduate from UM — medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc. — but why be ordinary? There are many other exciting graduate school opportunities for science students. Find out about the graduate and professional programs from a panel of presenters like the School of Natural Resources, Program in Biomedical Science, Public Health, Forensic Science (MSU), Kinesiology, and the Career Center.

Finding a Math/Science Major

Do you love science or math? Are you still looking for a major? Are you unsure of where to go to learn about different majors and minors? Look no further!

This fun event gives you the chance to speak with fellow students majoring in every math and science major. You will benefit from these students’ perspectives, including information about course and program requirements, departmental culture, faculty, careers, research, and study abroad. The round-robin format gives you the chance to talk with five or six student representatives, so you will be able to explore all your interests.

Going to Grad School 

Do you think a graduate program in STEM might be right for you? Join us for a virtual panel of graduate students who will answer questions about the admissions process, how they decided what program to attend, and their experiences thus far in the graduate program.

Growth and Grit: Developing a Mindset for Success

What if your ability to succeed in your classes was determined in part before you even stepped into the classroom?  What is the one quality you need to overcome adversity academically and in life? This workshop will detail the research of Dr. Carol Dweck and her groundbreaking work on the concept of mindset.  Students will learn how to abandon a debilitating fixed mindset in favor of a growth mindset, leading to success in areas they once considered too difficult. The workshop will also introduce students to the research of Dr. Angela Duckworth, and how a growth mindset can lead to the development of grit, an essential characteristic to overcoming our fear of failure. 

Make it Stick: Research-Based Learning Strategies You Need to Know

The study and learning strategies students often bring to college are often insufficient to help them succeed at the university level.  Particularly in challenging STEM courses, students can't simply memorize or cram their way to a good grade. This workshop will focus on the popular learning strategies to avoid, as well as the top three strategies you don't know but are shown by research to be the most effective for long-term learning. 

Medical School Inside Story

Do you have questions about medical school admissions? Get your answers straight from the inside! U-M Medical School Admissions Director Carol Teener will demystify medical school applications, expectations, and reviews in her presentation.  

Medical School Student Panel Discussion

Here is your chance to hear about what life is like for several medical school students and residents. Learn about each of their paths to medicine, experiences in medical school, and things they wished they had known in college. You can also submit your own questions ahead of time via the link on the registration page.

Minding the Gap

Have you considered taking a year after graduation to pursue a passion or opportunity before starting your career or graduate/professional school? So many exciting opportunities exist to develop your skills, travel, volunteer, and to learn more about yourself as well as those from backgrounds different from your own. Come check out some of the options that could have you choosing a gap year for yourself.

Overcoming the Fear of Failure in Personal and Academic Pursuits  

In this workshop, we'll build on the lessons of growth mindset and put failure into practice, with activities that allow us to focus on the learning that goes along with mistakes. This way, we can create environments that allow for innovation, personal, and professional growth.   

Research and Study Abroad for Science Majors

We know international experience is highly valued by employers and grad schools alike. However, some science students still believe scheduling difficulties and program requirements make study and research abroad impossible. This panel is designed to give students information on the numerous research and study abroad opportunities in the sciences, and proves just how easy it is to go abroad.

Summer Research Opportunities in STEM

If you want to expand your research experience next summer, check out this workshop panel that will highlight a variety of research experiences available to you and other UM students. We will highlight UM and other domestic programs, as well as research abroad opportunities. Come join us and discover what great research opportunities await you!

Wealth Beyond Health

Do you have some uncertainty about what to do with your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) degree? Did you begin with an interest in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc. but are now having second thoughts? There are many other exciting and relevant careers you can pursue beyond the health fields. Our panelists will share their journeys and help you discover new career opportunities.