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Computer Lab

Computers found in the SLC's Main Branch and Satellite Location are managed by the UM's ITS Campus Computing Sites department. This allows us to offer an extensive array of software. Therefore, users must check two different websites to see a full list of software available on SLC computers. 

To see a complete list of all software available, visit both pages shown: 

Sites Software webpage

SLC Software Available webpage

See the SLC Hardware webpage for more details about the SLC's computer configurations.

Open Computer Lab Area

In the open lab area of the SLC's Main Branch, there are 26 computers available for drop-in use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • 18 Dell Computers running Windows 10 Pro
  • 8 iMacs running Mac OS Monterey

Computer Lab for Instructor Use

UM instructors may request to reserve desktop computers (Mac or PC) in the open computing area using the Science Learning Center Computer Reservation Form. Please note that other SLC patrons may be computing nearby on other desktops. Once your reservation has been secured you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation. Please allow two business days for confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Expectation for Use in the Open Computer Lab Area

Instructors will submit software requests for student drop-in use in the manner required by ITS Campus Computing Sites. The submission procedure is outlined at the Computing Sites Software Page

Planning for AFS Client Removal from the Sites Environment

To continue evolving and provide a consistent experience across our computing environments, Campus Computing Sites PCs will run on Windows 11 starting Fall 2023 and will NOT include the OpenAFS client.

The Open AFS client enabled a user-specific M: drive to be automatically mapped to Andrew File System (AFS) storage. It was found to be incompatible with the new Virtual Sites platform and has not been officially supported since Windows 8, so was not included in the new environment. It was removed from the Sites Mac build about 10 years ago.

ITS has been strongly encouraging the use of modern cloud storage alternatives over the past few years. The persistent M: drive mapping did provide convenience, but processing files stored in AFS over the network was often problematic.

Alternatives and Workarounds to AFS Storage

We believe that some course workflows still use AFS (e.g. working with large data sets). Access will be available using alternative methods, but the user's AFS folder cannot be mapped as a Windows storage drive and the connection will not persist beyond that session.

  • ITS Backup & Storage - Compare Your Options - We strongly recommend modern cloud storage options for the best flexibility and user experience.
  • Configuring Kumo - Kumo is preconfigured on Sites Windows computers and allows for user-defined cloud storage to display as automatically mapped drives in Windows. This mapping will persist and will follow a user from session to session.
  • Alternative AFS Access & Storage - There are still multiple methods for accessing AFS from Sites computers
  • AFS/IFS (M: drive) in Virtual Sites - This is the primary help article our Service Center will reference when fielding questions on Virtual Sites AFS today.