The Science Learning Center is pleased to announce that the Tutoring Program has been awarded certification as a Level 1 certified tutor training program by the internationally recognized College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

For more than thirty years CRLA has been a leader in learning assistance, reading, and academic support programs with almost 1,300 members and over 2,000 certified training programs worldwide.

The SLC Tutoring Program has worked hard to develop a tutor training program that meets CRLA’s rigorous standards and has successfully completed the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) peer review process. Achieving certification means that the SLC Tutoring Program has met CRLA’s high standards for tutor selection, training, direct service, and evaluation as an integral part of their overall tutoring program. 

Special thanks and recognition go to Emily Edgerton, former SLC Tutoring Program Manager, on her instrumental work on coordinating the effort both to attain the initial CRLA Level 1 certification status and to oversee the continued success of the SLC Tutoring Program in maintaining renewal status.  Please join us in congratulating the SLC Tutoring Program on a job well-done!