Established in 2004 through a gift by its namesake, the Nancy Bausch Thomas Scholarship is awarded each year to an undergraduate student majoring in Economics. This year, the recipient is third-year Reannon Robinson.

Discovering Economics during her first year at U-M whilst planning to apply to the Ford School of Public Policy, Reannon quickly became captivated by the field and the opportunity it provided developing both qualitative and quantitative skills within one discipline. Having already been drawn to mathematics from a young age, Reannon found being able to incorporate these skills toward careers which afford the chance to make tangible, positive changes in people’s lives very exciting.

Reannon is both grateful for and honored by the Nancy Bausch Thomas Scholarship. She plans to use the award to help pay for school supplies as well as offset the cost of living in Ann Arbor. Receiving the scholarship helps to ease the financial burden on Reannon and her family so she can focus on her classes rather than trying to make ends meet.

Looking forward, Reannon aspires to obtain a graduate degree in economics before pursuing a position that would allow her to influence policy-making in the economies of developing countries which have high levels of inequality and inefficiencies. She hopes to contribute to those efforts focused on improving the quality of life for those affected by poverty and economic inequality.