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The W.S. Woytinsky Lecture

The 2018 W.S. Woytinsky Lecture featuring Kerwin Charles, the Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and former interim Dean at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, will take place on Wednesday, April 11, from 12:00 - 1:00 pm in the Sumner and Laura Foster Library.

His research focuses on a range of questions in labor and applied microeconomics. The topics he has studied include racial and gender discrimination in the labor market; the propagation of wealth and earnings across different generations within a family; the effects of sectoral shocks in the economy on college attainment, occupational choice, and labor market participation; how adverse health shocks affect family stability and labor supply; and differences in visible consumption across different racial and ethnic groups.

He holds a master’s degree and a doctorate from Cornell University, and joined the University of Chicago in 2005 after teaching economics and public policy at the University of Michigan. In addition to his appointment at the University of Chicago, he is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and serves on the Board of Trustees for NORC at the University of Chicago.

University of Michigan Department of Economics
W. S. Woytinsky Lecture/Seminar Award (est. 1964)

2016       Hal R. Varian
               Chief Economist
               “Google Tools for Data”
               “Economics & Technology: Careers Blending Two Fields”

2014       Professor Susan Athey
               Stanford School of Business
               Stanford University
               “The Internet and the News Media”

2013       Professor Robert Hall
               Hoover Institution and Department of Economics
               Stanford University
               “New Ideas about the Long-Lasting Collapse of Employment after the Financial Crisis”

2012       Professor Angus Deaton
               Princeton University
               “Randomized Controlled Trials and Economic Policy

2011-12   Professor David Card (Clark)
                Class of 1950 Professor of Economics
                Labor Studies Program Director, Center for Labor Economics
                Econometrics Laboratory (EML) Director
                University of California, Berkeley
                “Theory and Method in Empirical Microeconomics: Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?”

2010        Professor Larry Samuelson
                A. Douglas Melamed Professor of Economics
                Yale University.
                "Common Learning"

2009        Professor Mark Gertler
                New York University
                A Model of Unconventional Monetary Policy

2008        Professor Jeremy Bulow
                Richard Stepp Professor of Economics
                Graduate School of Business
                Stanford University
                “Winning Play in Spectrum Auctions"

2007        Professor Ernst Fehr
                Chair for Microeconomics and Experimental Economic Research
                Faculty of Economics and Computer Science
                University of Zurich
                "Limited Rationality"

2006        Stephen Morris, Princeton University
                “Coordination without Common Knowledge”

2003        Randall Wright, University of Pennsylvania
                "A Unified Framework for Monetary Theory and Policy Analysis"

2002        Glenn Loury
                "Racial Stigma: Toward a New Paradigm for Discrimination Theory."

2001        Roger Noll
                Stanford University

2000        Elhanan Helpman
                Harvard University

2000        Claudia Goldin
                “The Power of the Pill: Oral Contraceptives and Women’s Career and Marriage Decisions”

1999        Christopher Sims
                Princeton University

1999        James Heckman (Nobel, Clark)
                University of Chicago

1998        John Sutton
                London School of Economics

1998        Roy Radner
                New York University

1994/95  Peter Diamond
                 Marty Weitzman
                Harvard University

1993/94  Paul Milgrom
                 Tom Sargent

1992/93  Richard Blundell
                University College, London
                 Robert Lucas

1991/92  Robert Barro
                Harvard University
                 Jim Poterba

1989        Professor Zvi Grilliches
                Department of Economics
                Harvard University

1985        Professor Arthur Goldberger
                University of Wisconsin
                “Modeling the Economic Family.”

1981        Professor Alan S. Blinder
                Princeton University

1977        Professor James N. Morgan
                Professor of Economics and Program Director
                University of Michigan

1972        Professor Alice Rivlin
                Brookings Institution
                “Social Policy: Alternate Strategies for the Federal Government”

1967        Professor Edward Denison
                Brookings Institution

1965        Professor Gary Becker
                Department of Economics
                Columbia University
                “Human capital and the personal distribution of income: an analytical approach”