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Faculty Research

Supporting the professional development of the faculty in the Department of Economics is a critical component of the MITRE mission.  Two MITRE programs have been announced to supply resources to department faculty to support their research endeavors and provide opportunities to interact with colleagues at the forefront of economic research and education.  

The MITRE Faculty Research and Professional Development program supports faculty participation in teaching and research conferences throughout the world - both to share advancements we have made on the Ann Arbor campus and to acquire new ideas developed by others.

The MITRE Faculty Research Award is granted on a competitive basis to faculty with cutting-edge research ideas who are in need of funding to collect pilot data, acquire resources, facilitate collaborative projects or provide research assistance.  Awards are conferred after each of three application cycles per year.

2016 MITRE Faculty Research Award Recipients

Martha Bailey & Valentina Duque
“The Short and Long-Term Impacts of Community Health Centers on Health and Productivity”

Chris House & Linda Tesar
“A Quantitative Model of Europe: Estimation and Policy Analysis”

Matthew Shapiro, Michael Cafarella, Jia Deng & Maggie Levenstein
“Computational Approaches for the Construction of Novel Macroeconomic Data”

2015 MITRE Faculty Research Award recipients:

Daniel Ackerberg
“Empirical Evidence of Fairness Considerations in Consumer Behavior”

Dominick Bartelme
“Spatial Frictions and Industry Location: The Decline of the Manufacturing Belt”

Hoyt Bleakley & Martha Bailey
“Changes in Health and Longevity Over the 20th Century: Evidence from North Carolina”

Jing Cai
“Micro Effects of Financial Deepening, Phase 2”

Matias Cattaneo
“Robust Kernel-based Automatic Inference in Semiparametric Econometrics”

Javier Cravino & Andrei Levchenko
“The Distributional Impact of Large Exchange Rate Changes”

Christopher House
“Research in Preparation for Chapter in the Handbook of Macroeconomics, Vol. II”

Miles Kimball & Rebecca Thornton
“Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events”

Yusufcan Masatlioglu, Emel Ozbay & Erkut Ozbay
“Size Matters: Dealing with Ambiguity”

Shaun McRae
“Household Responses to Energy Price Reforms in Kyrgyzstan”

Pablo Ottonello
“The Dynamics of Capital and Labor Misallocation in the United States”

Joel Slemrod
“An Equilibrium Model of Tax Havens: Evidence from German Municipality Business Tax Rates”

Ugo Troiano
“Research Projects in Public Finance and Political Economy: Political Gerontocracy; Policy Responses to the Broadening of the Tax Base; and Historical Collection of Californian Public Finance Data” and "Policy Responses and Policy Consequences of Local Public Policy During the Great Depression and the Second World War"

Dean Yang & Yusufcan Masatlioglu
“Promoting Preventive Healthcare in Michigan: The Impact of Information and Incentives”

Dean Yang
“Religious Practice and Long-Run Economic Development: Evidence from Catholic Saint-Day Celebrations in Mexico”

2014 MITRE Faculty Research Award recipients:

Manuela Angelucci
“Stress and Gender Differences in Competitiveness” and "Depression, Economic Behavior, and Treatment Heterogeneity"

Martha Bailey
“Pilot Study on Creating the Early Twentieth Century Integrated Longitudinal Database (ETCILD)”

Matias Cattaneo
“New Developments on Identification and Inference for Regression Discontinuity Designs”

Javier Cravino & Andrei Levchenko
“Multinational Firms and International Business Cycles, Phase 2”

Ying Fan
“Switching Costs and Product Launching: A Study of the Smart Phone Market”

Ryan Kellogg
“Asymmetric Information, Royalty Distortions, and Drilling Deadlines: Understanding Oil and Gas Lease Contracts”

Yusufcan Masatlioglu
“Testing Intrinsic Preferences for Information”

Paul Rhode
“Creating a Comprehensive U.S. Natural Disaster Database”

Warren Whatley
“The Origins of Customary Authority in Sub-Saharan Africa, Supplement”

2013 MITRE Faculty Research Award recipients:

Manuela Angelucci
“The Effect of Stress on Choice, Productivity, and Income: Evidence from Manual Workers in Malawi”

John Bound & Jeff Smith
“Does Capacity Constrain Student Success in Higher Education?”

Jing Cai
“Micro Effects of Financial Deepening”

Matias Cattaneo & Jeff Smith
“Robust Nonparametric Inference in the Regression Discontinuity Design”

Javier Cravino & Andrei Levchenko
“Multinational Firms and International Business Cycles”

Ying Fan & Francine Lafontaine
“The International Expansion of Firms: Evidence from McDonald’s”

Jeremy Fox
“Applying the Merger Bidding Model to Understand Spectrum Policy and Flexible Radios and Carrier Entry Costs in Wireless Phones”

Shaun McRae
“Naturalistic Driving Data: Applications to Environmental Economics”

Linda Tesar
“Fiscal Austerity in Europe: Not Whether but How. A quantitative assessment of alternative austerity strategies”

Rebecca Thornton
“Resolution of Uncertainty through Testing: Pregnancy Tests and Adolescent Reproductive Health”

Ugo Troiano
“External vs. Internal Norms in Tax Compliance”

Warren Whatley
“The Origins of Customary Authority in Sub-Saharan Africa”