Martha Bailey, Professor of Economics, presented a lecture at the National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute 2017 entitled, “How Well Does Automated Linking Perform (in Historical Samples)? Lessons for Modern Practice.” Her lecture was one of three methods lectures presented at the Summer Institute. For her talk, she goes into what her and her team, including Connor Cole (U-M, Economics PhD Student), Morgan Henderson (U-M, PhD ‘17), and Catherine Massey (U-M, Population Studies Center), learned in the first two years of their large-scale data-linking project known as Life-M.

From NBER:

The increasing availability of large administrative data sets from both the public and private sectors has placed new emphasis on the tools and techniques for linking data from multiple sources. NBER Research Associates Martha Bailey of the University of Michigan, John M. Abowd of Cornell University and the U.S. Bureau of the Census, and Joseph Ferrie of Northwestern University explained the possibilities and challenges of data linking in the Methods Lectures series at the 2017 NBER Summer Institute.