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Jeffrey Alt
Research Professor
3502 C.C. Little Building 734.764.8380
Joel D. Blum
John D MacArthur Professor, Arthur F Thurnau Professor, Gerald J Keeler Distinguished Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
4502 C.C. Little Building

M. Clara Castro
1012 C.C. Little Building 734.615.3812
Rose Cory
Associate Professor
1018 C.C. Little Building
Gregory Dick
Associate Chair for Curriculum, Associate Professor
2014 C.C. Little Building 734.763.3228
James Gleason
Associate Research Scientist
4015 C.C. Little Building 734.764.9523
Chenghuan Guo
Graduate Student, Advisor: Youxue Zhang
Naomi Levin
Associate Professor
2006 C C Little 734.615.1677
Jie (Jackie) Li
3014 C.C. Little Building 734.615.7317
Kyger Lohmann
1014 C.C. Little Building 734.763.2298
Maria Marcano
Senior Research Lab Technician :: Safety Officer
3514 C.C. Little Building 734.615.2048
Yi Niu
Graduate Student, Advisor: Clara Castro
Sierra Petersen
Assistant Professor
1008 C C Little Building 734.647.5732
Nathan Sheldon
Associate Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences, Associate Director Program in the Environment
3012 C.C. Little Building 734.647.7569
Adrianna Trusiak
Graduate Student, Advisor: Rose Cory
Aaron Wolf
Assistant Research Scientist
2006 C.C. Little Building 734.647.5704
Youxue Zhang
James R O'Neil Collegiate Professor of Geological Sciences, Professor
3018 C.C. Little Building 734.763.0947