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Graduate Students

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences awards PhD degrees. Students holding a BS, BA, or MS degree in any field of science are encouraged to apply. Financial support is guaranteed for all PhD students who enroll.

For University of Michigan undergraduate students who are currently pursuing an Earth and Environmental Sciences major, we offer a fifth-year MS program.

The research mission of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan is to understand the origin, evolution and future of the Earth.  This includes how it formed as a planet, how it progressed to its present state, how life originated and evolved on Earth, how the solid earth, oceans, atmosphere and biosphere interact, and how the Earth’s climate and environment have changed in the past and will continue to change as a result of natural processes and human activities.  The Department uses experimental, observational and modeling approaches that integrate physics, chemistry, biology and geology. Read more about our program and our areas of expertise by clicking on the link below.

Research Mission and Areas (PDF)


Research Groups

The Department has a world-class research program that includes geomicrobiology and paleontology, geophysics and tectonics, geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology, environmental science, glaciology, hydrogeology, climate and paleoclimte research, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and oceanography. Projects are ongoing on all seven continents and the world’s oceans.


Application for Admission to PhD Program

The Department of Earth and Environmental Studies welcomes applications to its doctoral program from students with undergraduate or MS degrees from all fields of science. Applications for Fall admission are due January 5. The deadline for Winter Term admission is November 1.


Graduate Courses Offered in Earth and Environmental Sciences

See the Rackham Graduate School website for a complete list of graduate courses.