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Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Mastodon Discovered Near Grand Rapids to be Donated to U-M

A female mastodon discovered near Grand Rapids will provide researchers another data point in the history of the elephant relatives in Michigan.

Shaking Up the Fish Family Tree: 'Living fossil' not as old as we thought

The international research team was led by Sam Giles of the University of Oxford and includes University of Michigan paleontologist Matt Friedman. A paper summarizing the findings was published Aug. 30 in Nature.

2017 New Zealand Field Trip Video, by Kevin Ortiz

University of Michigan Researchers use Drones to Map Landslides from New Zealand Earthquake

A team of geologists and engineers led by U-M is mapping surface ruptures and some of the tens of thousands of landslides triggered by the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck New Zealand's South Island on Nov. 13. In this video, team leader Marin Clark, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, and team member Dimitrios Zekkos, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, discuss the techniques the team is using.



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