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Post Docs and Visitors

Julien Amalberti
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Working with Clara Castro
1016 C C Little Building 734.764.2466
Emily Beverly
NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow working with Naomi Levin
Carlos Chaves
Postdoctoral Fellow working with Jeroen Ritsema
4514B C C Little Building
Zhijia Ci
Visitor, working with Joel Blum
Zuhair El-Isa
Visitor, working with Jeroen Ritsema
Judith Klatt
Postdoctoral Fellow. Working with Greg Dick
2004 C C Little Building 734.647.7924
Jessica Moerman
Postdoctoral Fellow working withNaomi Levin
Kendra Murray
Postdoctoral Fellow.
1016 C C Little
Arin Nelson
Postdoctoral Fellow working with Brian Arbic
Ian Winkelstern
Postdoctoral Fellow working with Ben Passey
2012 C C Little
Feng Zhu
Research Fellow working with Jackie Li
3514 C C Little Building
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1005